Christian Science singles

Christian Science singles for Cheryl, a  Vegan Cheryl

Christian Scientist

, 58 year old Caucasian / White female, 5' 3 /160cm with Tell you later build.
Living in madison, Wisconsin, United States
with children At home, seeking Activity partner.
Vegan diet, drinks alcohol With dinner   and occasionally smokes.

I am a 58 year old vegan female tired of living in the Urban areas that are behind the times.  I've struggled with relationships, am single, and an estranged parent, kids grown.  I know so much about life that I have resorted to the option of finding an all-female village to live and/or vacation in.  I like the notion of other vegan people in my life, though.  My immediate surounding can't be compassioante enough for me to want to stay here, even though I am from settlement family, the people who fought and built.  I shouldnt be too proud of wars, but we are here now.  I respect Native Americans. but you don't see many of this city anymore, either.  I am from musician and entertainment blood.  I play a handful of musical instruments.  My goals in life, continue to be to entertain and help people thorugh the masses and guidance of my musicianship.  I own a non-profit, but I need people who can work with me to help me.  I can't do any of the work I had wanted to when I was younger, alone now.  I want to make friends.  I can jive well with other families, but they have to have worked on that one already, in order to work with me.  I currently have a close attachment, male.  We both need better company.

When feeling physically active, which I don't much, due to having lived years homeless, I like to run/jog in the mornings.  I like to study politics, and can tell anybody where to take anything, almost. I can find the proper books to find.  I've lived poor, though, and never had an office to work out of.  I live practically isolated, but have found a genuine closeness to nature.  I maintain a strong need to share a way of life that I find is right for (white) humans beings.  Other acrtivites I enjoy and insist on whenever I can is to feed out.  I feel isolated with it, I have no home, no neighbors to share with.  Only the picking attitudes of the omnivorous world around me.  My boyfriend has some problems, and me too, with his fame and the type of public that it draws.  We have hope that we will be in housing this week or next, but I/ or we, still want a place to run away to and find new people.  I also take time to take environmentally necessary pictures, when I am in areas that look like they need work, and there are plenty of them.  I also play guitar to them, slowly and patiently, so that they can sing along too, even their little ones, when I have the chance.  

Christian Science singles for Roman, a  Vegetarian Roman

Christian Scientist

, 34 year old African Descent / Black male, 5' 11 /180cm with Slim build.
Living in Frankfurt, NON-US, Germany
with children None, seeking Serious relationship/marriage.
Vegetarian diet, drinks alcohol Socially   and never smokes.

I am a sociable kind of person. Love nature and sports very active in yoga, love to jogg and do a lot of exercise. I am easy going person. Friendly and love nature single and looking for a partner. To me being veggie or veggitarian is deeper and more than the common food. 

Christian Science singles for Amanda, a  Raw food Amanda

Christian Scientist

, 30 year old Caucasian / White female, 5' 6 /168cm with Slim build.
Living in Trogir, NON-US, Croatia
with children None, seeking Casual dates OR activity partner.
Raw food diet, Never drinks alcohol   and never smokes.

I am a dreamer, happy child. I love being outdoors, exploring stunning landscapes and enjoying natural beauties. I love learning about ancient knowledge, physics and science generally. Nutrition and holistic healing is last 4 years my main focus. I am close to being fruitarian. Actually I eat cooked foods just for social reasons and feeling lonely on this journey. Otherwise fruit is my biggest joy, brings out best in me. So pure and light. I dream about traveling to tropical countries, enjoying sunshine and eating most amazing fruit in world. I am looking for someone to share the dream.

Christian Science singles for Jose, a  Raw food Jose

Christian Scientist

, 36 year old Hispanic / Latino male, 4' 5 /135cm with Full-figured build.
Living in hillsborough, Georgia, United States
with children Sometimes home, seeking Activity partner.
Raw food diet, drinks alcohol Socially   and never smokes.

Really interesting, also very linguistic

Christian Science singles for Neira, a  Vegetarian Neira

Christian Scientist

, 39 year old Caucasian / White lesbian, 5' 11 /180cm with Slim build.
Living in Miami , Florida, United States
with children Sometimes home, seeking Activity partner.
Vegetarian diet, drinks alcohol Socially   and is a smoker.

I love men, and going out with them. I am very funny, and looking to share a laugh with someone;)

Christian Science singles for James, a Vegetarian at home James

Christian Scientist

, 36 year old Mixed male, 5' 6 /168cm with Average build.
Living in Nairobi, NON-US, other
with children None, seeking Serious relationship/marriage.
Veg at home diet, Never drinks alcohol   and never smokes.

I'm a man looking for serious relationship for marriage .I love God, am a Kenyan living in Nairobi.

I'm single ,never married,

Christian Science singles for Natasha, a  Vegan Natasha

Christian Scientist

, 42 year old Caucasian / White female, 5' 5 /165cm with Athletic/Fit build.
Living in Fallbrook, California, United States
with children None, seeking Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner.
Vegan diet, Never drinks alcohol   and never smokes.

I am an optimist, oil painter and pianist, singer, music teacher, and songwriter.  I paint animals and dancers and musicians, fanciful scenes often including farm animals.  I am vegan for life -- it healed my mom of cancer, and I've been vegan for about 5 years, but I was vegetarian since 3rd grade, and I even started a vegetarian club in High School because I love animals so much.  I like to dance, take walks in nature.  I am very creative -- I like to paint scenes of celebration -- in a perfect world.  I enjoy teaching piano and voice and being close to my family.  Our beliefs are strongly non-violent, and Spiritual.  I've been a church pianist since age 16.  I play piano and organ, and my favorite composers are Tchaikowsky, Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Scarlatti, etc.  I like joyful music -- especially polkas and Mariachi music.  I don't like Blues or Jazz.  I hope to find friends of like mind, and possibly the Love of my Life.  I only make a small amount of money, so I hope to get a more secure situation regarding my career.  I would love to find a collaborator to work with on music -- songwriting, possibly to write a musical, or someone who could promote my art work.  I believe in the power of prayer, and I can't deal with pessimism.  I want to find friends who believe in God but not in the stupid animal killing that goes on.  I don't care about sports -- only diving and gymnastics.  My goals for the future are to sell my artworks, write more songs and do concerts, recordings, and get my music placed out in the world.  


Christian Science singles for MaestroDiva, a  Vegetarian vegan MaestroDiva

Christian Scientist

, 48 year old Caucasian / White female, 5' 9 /175cm with Slim build.
Living in Asheville, North Carolina, United States
with children Not home, seeking Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner.
Veggie/vegan diet, drinks alcohol Infrequently   and occasionally smokes.


I love to laugh, play with words, hear others' stories, dance, and cook meals together. In my free time you will find me either social dancing, seeing a film, hiking near lakes, reading in the sun, people watching...I am a highly educated and well-travelled professional person. My volunteer work is with veterans and animal rescue. I like the idea of two independent and whole people creating a warm and mutually giving relationship.

I am a feminine woman who has had an active life pursuing my goals and I love inspiring my loved ones in pursuing their own dreams. I have spent considerable time abroad and my close friends describe me as a curious intellectual, yet playful, with good character. I take good care of myself, and would like my partner to do the same.


If you've made it to here in my profile, then I must have your attention! I act, feel, and look that profile age. However my driver's license says I'm older. I've been down to DMV repeatedly, but they won't change my D.O.B.!


Do you appreciate a talented and sophisticated woman with a good heart? If you are a true gentleman, I would be happy to hear from you!

Christian Science singles for edwar, a  Vegetarian edwar

Christian Scientist

, 22 year old Hispanic / Latino male, 6' 2 /188cm with Average build.
Living in maracay, aragua., NON-US, Venezuela
with children None, seeking Activity partner.
Vegetarian diet, drinks alcohol Infrequently   and never smokes.

joven venezolano, conversador divertido amigo completo .. lo demas preguntame.Riendo

Christian Science singles for nshruti, a  Vegetarian nshruti

Christian Scientist

, 61 year old Asian female, 4' 8 /142cm with Average build.
Living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
with children None, seeking Activity partner.
Vegetarian diet, Never drinks alcohol   and occasionally smokes.

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