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Minneapolis, Minnesota
60 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
6' 2"  (188cm)
Not important
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Sometimes home
Want Kids:
No (more) children
Law degree
Income: tell you later
Relocation: No
Relationship: Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

Living in the Uptown area has a lot to offer, but I'd enjoy it more with good company. Working in downtown Minneapolis – never a dull moment, almost - there is traffic! The city is fun, and the outdoors is fun too – walking, motor sports, arts, theater.

People are great, everywhere I go. I enjoy being a tourist in my hometown. Seeking a fellow traveler!

I'm 6'2" 170 lbs. medium build, light hair, green eyes. L-O Veg*n for decades, now Vegan since 2012.

I am enthusiastically curious.  I've lifelong interests, as well as interests of deep exploration that rotate every few years. 

Vegetarian, now vegan, lifestyle is lifelong - since age 15.  A deep exploration of the past few years is history, especially Classical Athens and Rome.  I'm a reader, a thinker, and a writer. 

I also value "not-thinking" - from sport to dance to meditation. (I'm a student of Ch'an Buddhism).  Another deep interest now is storytelling -- writing, books, film, video, theater, acting, speaking, mythology.

What is the one thing that I enjoy doing, but do not do enough?  Walking.  I like walking around the lake, often with a camera. Or anywhere really.

It's more fun to walk with someone along the way.  Fitness is important to me, though I don't do as much as I would like to do. My weight is back to what it was at age 20, but I would like to do more physical activity, walking, biking, dancing.

It's not easy to meet the right person.  Or is it?


Seeking a veg*n woman, with a kind heart. Show me your passion -- whatever you are passionate about. Ideally between 5'4" and 6'. Ideally fun and a sense of humor! Ideally a non-smoker, like me.  I do not drink alcohol, but don't mind if you do.

vegan organic dark chocolate
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