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Eugene, Oregon
46 years old
Caucasian / White
Almost veg
Body type:
5' 3"  (160cm)
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Not home
Want Kids:
Yours are fine
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

Hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by. 

I'm a classy, caring lady with a harmonious blend of: 

* spiritual soul-sister. * humanitarian peacemaker . * holistic homemaker. * earthy green-gal * an inquiring innovator * creative adventurer. * a nature explorer. * realistic optimist. * sensual savorer * encouraging joyspirationist

. . .and a scrumptious cook that also enjoys playful silliness, skipping, swinging on park swings, and cuddly snuggle times- all wrapped up in a unique package that is self-assured, comfortable in my own skin, and I gratefully love who I am in every way!

Some of my most passionate values include the following, and are the foundation of what I offer, while appreciating the same:

* Simple living (less is more) --Connections vs. possessions, inner treasures vs. aesthetic pleasures, and quality vs. quantity 
* Choice of what I hear & see, while giving others choices (i.e. headphones or portable media player)
* Sensitivity to others, with compassion & empathy, while embracing diversity
* Savoring moments vs. racing to the end
* Sustainable, durable solutions 
* Holistic health & earth-friendly practices
* Reasonably quiet activities vs. loud
* Manifesting positive living through intentional thoughts & wholehearted actions
* Daily peaceful time to self- balanced with quality social time with one or a few
* Mindful personal growth, always evolving
* Mutually cooperative open communication, with integrity
* Love-centered conflict resolution with mutual understanding, acceptance, & agreements
* Loving respectfully with affection, thoughtful service, heart-made gifts, encouragement, quality time, & gratitude



A slow to moderate pace is a must for me, beginning a like-hearted friendship with the possibility for a long term harmonious union, holding the intent for an eventual lifetime partner and marriage, in time.

To be a match for me, you must be or do each of the following, plus have significant values in common with me (above), or quite close and well on your way. Please kindly share this specific information about you in your introduction to me, or have it clearly stated and easy to find on your profile. (I'm glad to clarify any uncertainties, especially if you feel you are quite close to this or unclear in any area that may apply to you.)

* Age between 39 and 61
* Single, divorced, or widowed & available for potential monogamous relationship
* Heterosexual male 
* Your kids, if any, over age 10 or in 5th grade or higher
* Practice self-love, inside & out, including self-sufficiency, positive social life, inner growth, & nourishing coping strategies
* A background of living with integrity for yourself, loved ones, & the community around you
* Keep your lungs & body healthy with regular movement, inhaling fresh air, & choosing smoke-free living
* Peacefully cooperative with class, respect, clarity, patience, & sincere open expressiveness with a positive attitude
* Use organic scents/fragrances vs chemicals (or willing to accommodate my sensitivities)
* Desire to only live in the USA, while you may want to travel to visit other countries 
* You smile often, practice gratitude, & have a humor that's kind, respectful, & uplifting
* Emotional, intellectual, & spiritual intimacy are priority vs. sexual & you embrace developing those connections 1st.
* OK w/ 1-2 affectionate indoor cat(s) Your clean-smelling, well-mannered, & quietly-behaved dog considered
* Emotionally available - with mutual healthy respect with your kids' mother(s), if you have children.
* Hidden, tasteful, and positive body art with minimal skin coverage is OK, or none at all
* You enjoy physical affection (such as cuddling, hugs, a gentle touch, a neck rub...)


* A Cat Lover
* Pick Up After Yourself
* No TV
* Prefer Fairly Quiet/Tranquil Settings 
Describe the ideal relationship:
My ideal relationship feels good inside, peaceful, sensual, deeply intimate on all levels, comforting, encouraging, and overall, supportive in serious matters and in fun play times. 

It is a connection of continual gratitude, and thoughtful cooperation as a team, with respect and kindness for one another's individualities and sensitivities.

We are both open to learning and understanding each other, evolving as a couple, and resiliently overcome life's challenges together, including those between us- with mutual long-term solutions as the goal.

Smiles and laughter are frequent, as are quality time and respecting the beauty of personal space and friendships.

Acceptance and tolerance are practiced with Iove and there is a shared understanding of one another even when viewpoints differ, yet always with sweet consideration and honor in those expressions.

Touch is often shared between us as one of many ways we both express our love. We are both open to learning ways to do this to be most comfortable and pleasing for both, while continuously enhancing the depth of feeling between us. Savoring and greatly appreciating this preciousness is a value we both share too. Sexual gifts are also more intimate ways we share and exchange touch intimacy. It is meaningful far beyond the quick O release, lingering all over as a sensual love-centered focus on one another, and the togetherness embrace unites us as one in those precious, savored moments.

vegan organic dark chocolate
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