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Stuttgart, Germany
56 years old
Body type:
5' 5"  (165cm)
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
No (more) children
Income: up to $25,000
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Activity partner

My description:



Here we go.... to put it in a nutshell or rather in a box Laughing


Harmony is of utmost importance to me, especially in inter-personal relationships.  I have a balanced approach to life and generally take the middle path rather effortlessly in that I enjoy solitude as well as socializing, enjoy listening as well as talking, enjoy serious discourses as well as stupid jokes,  enjoy dancing and also taking walks in nature, can appreciate performing arts just as much as technological developments, enjoy working out at the gym but also lazing about, enjoy going out to concerts, museums, etc. and enjoy staying at home and cooking/reading a book, can take a creative or a structured approach to challenges.... essentially can adapt to situations quite well.


However, at this stage in my life, meditation is the highest priority in my life. I am with a particular living Master on the spiritual path and meditate regularly (apart from doing Yoga, pranayama etc. which though is dependent on how much time I have at my disposal).


People tell me I have a great sense of humour in that I can make a group of people laugh wherever I am : may not happen immediately on this site though:-) as I assume this is a very serious place Smile 


I'm generally a very accommodating person but have realised that you do get taken for a ride if you sort of overdo it.  Guess it's the modern world which interprets humility to mean weakness. 

I was born into a culture of spirituality and vegetarianism (Indian food is mostly vegan) and so for me, this has always been a way of life.  I am not vegan because I do not really want to be carrying soy milk in  my handbag wherever I go and appear to make a fuss :-))  In Germany, veganism is picking up but still I end up being the only vegetarian at various social events and end up eating not the lamb but the "lamb's lettuce" for lunch and dinner :-) !!!!  Didn't I say I was not fussy ?:-))

I am happy being with like-minded people and tend to learn from them and their varied experiences.  For me, each person is such a treasure-house and I appreciate the good in everyone who comes my way.



All said and done, in the end it's all about being together in a team through thick and thin, imho.  While one may have other interests, it is important for me that we share the same values. I am looking for a person who is into meditation, is vegetarian, has a certain level of education and has  a sense of humour.  Open-mindedness, Compassion and Honesty are important to me.  It is absolutely essential that the other is considerate (towards other people and animals) and is not self-centred.   

I have come to this site to find a male companion of similar orientation, to walk the path together. Well let's say, looking for a friendship at first that hopefully will result in a mutually supportive relationship; a relationship in which we can be together as a "team" but also in which each can be in his/her space; a relationship in which values such as honesty, communication, consideration for the other and understanding are of prime importance. A relationship where both parties are open to "meeting in the middle" and not bent on having his/her own way. Given the fact that we have lived for a while, we tend to be set in our ways but still, I am the type who will go that extra length for the other and therefore would appreciate reciprocity.   

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