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Canterbury, United-Kingdom
37 years old
Caucasian / White
Christian / LDS
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5' 1"  (155cm)
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My description:

I am vegan because I don't agree with animal sacrifice for food!   I am struggling because I think that all Christians  are hipoctits, mainly because we choose to follow some of the commandments and twist others so we can excuse ourselves! The commandment that say "thou shall not kill" – we believe that refers to people not killing other people, but we are fine with paying  others to kill so that we can satisfy our desire for  meat which will only give us heart  diseases and keeps the growing   of world famine.

Human have free agency, however animals doesn't have one! Why?  Our Saviour had to be sacrificed for our sins, He did something very meaningful for us, it was His choice to be sacrificed for us and yet if I could take his place, I would have done it. What Jesus went through for us does not make me happy, but I tried to do my best not to waste his sacrifice. However, we sacrifice animals life with no meaning. None of the animals have chosen  to be killed, they always fight  for their lives, which, make their killers more angry and in order for them to prevail in this battle they   kick, hit,    swear and develop aggression. And this is all just for us to meet.

 It seems that people likes when somebody is sacrificed for  God himself stopped animal sacrifice by sending Jesus Christ!

Some would say that we are allowed to eat meat sparingly, In famine or if it's very cold, however, it seems to me that this is just an excuse for us to eat meat. only some of the animals were given for food, no we all animals, with the global warming  hardly would be a world famine. It seems like were not getting  the hint.  Why God gives us plans, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts with twice as much nutrition than meat? There are many examples of people who lived on vegan  diet only and have longer and healthier life than a meat eater! 

All this talking about mercy, charity, love and help others, doesn't seem to fit in place when people who have very strong testimony about the gospel of Christ have lunch in front of me and they are eating dead flesh called meet. They don't see the animal, the soul, the desire for a life of that innocent animal who had been tortured his whole life and then being eaten from somebody who had other choices for food.

All of our humanitarian project are great when we help  non-developed countries, but if we all stop buying animal products, reduce massive farming which only brings cruelty in this world, the resources that would be saved will be used to help and reduce the famine and poverty in countries from their third world.


I would like to  communicate with vegan LDS  just to see how they cope with LDS life and being a vegan.  l

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