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Kalamazoo, Michigan
40 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 1"  (155cm)
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
Probably not
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

Well this is new!

I suppose I should have realized there would be specific sites for all types of preferences in finding partners, but had just never really looked into it. Guess now I will!

I live in Michigan, near all the beautiful nature and fun things to do in the towns this state offers. I love the lakes, orchards, state parks, museums, breweries/wineries and farms I am surrounded by.

I work more than full time as a chef/pastry chef at two places, though I am looking still for that one job that allows me to have more of a life outside of work, as well as one that better fits my beliefs and ideals about food.

Animal lover, rescue volunteer, feral advocate. Saves moths and spiders, kinda icked out by earwigs.

Love to read, wish I had more time. Also a bit of a movie nerd and follow a few TV shows I really enjoy.

Enjoy craft beer and whiskey, frequently attend tastings or just some time at a local place with friends. Love that most offer growlers so we can take it home too! Interested in home brewing and already make some liqueurs, wines and bitters as gifts and for fun.

Cooking is a passion, but I don't do it as much for just myself. Cooking for others is much more fun! Trying to start a cooking club for like-minded folks, and will be teaching some cooking classes this coming winter as well. Still, I don't eat many packaged or processed foods, do as much as I can from scratch and love to freeze/can for the winter.

At the age where most friends are married or partnered off, and so it's harder to find single men at all, much less those who are like-minded.

Bit of a homebody, but not out of shyness, just a love of quiet (and usually perferring animals to people!) Want to move out of town when I can, tired of feeling crowded in, want to get back to open spaces and more trees and sky.

Love music, especially classic rock, bluegrass, 80's/90's, old country, oldies and lots more. Would love a buddy to go see a show with sometime, come with my group to a Spazmatics concert, or just sing along to some good stuff while out on a drive.

I'd be just as happy to find some new friends this way, though a man with similar tastes and interests would be great.

Looking forward to checking out the site, it will be refreshing I think, compared to my single attempt at mainstream online dating (very scary!)

I'll enjoy talking with other people who are in the same boat!



Clearly I am looking for another veggie, since I found the site and was willing to join!

Preferably a man who really enjoys eating, since I love cooking. Not too picky, as I am not, and love interesting and ethnic and new!

Someone who can appreciate cookies easily made at 2am when a craving hits, homemade bread and jam, going out to pick fruit that will then get turned into pie, and eating foraged greens in our salads.

I grew up very traditionally, and a lot of that sticks, whether I want it to or not, which creates a slight dichotomy in my dating life now that my ideals and beliefs are different than those I grew up with.  So, I don't really know what I "want" or what is going to work for me, so let's find out!

An animal lover is a must. I have pets and always will. Often this means I can't travel far or for long, must put more money towards them than what others think is "normal" and get called "crazy" now and then, but hey, I like who I am.

Would I stuff them all into a big RV and take off across the country though? Heck yes. (When I win that zillion dollars...)

Historically I like scruffy, a bit nerdy, smart and sarcastic and weird. Want to sit around dreaming about living somewhere fun, or at least away from all these people? Great. Rather drive to the lake and eat dinner out of a cooler over getting dressed up and spending too much at a crowded restaurant? Even greater.

Need a guy who enjoys beer at least, even better if whiskey and/or wine etc. is included, since I love tastings, history and learning about making each, and we live in a great state for all of that!

I don't have kids and won't be having any. Not sure how I would do dating a man with children, at least young ones. Grown children are probably a different story.

Been single awhile now, after a quite long relationship, so not feeling like I need to list a pile of likes and dislikes. One tends to find the greatest connection to those one least suspects!

I'm weird and silly, opinionated and sarcastic. I can talk about anything and love to learn. In a state of stasis too long, (aka, a big, fat rut!) and forcing myself to do something about it. Hi!


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