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Crystal Lake, Illinois
36 years old
Caucasian / White
Christian / Protestant
Body type:
5' 4"  (163cm)
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
Income: $40,000 to $60,000
Relocation: Yes
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

I'm a: daughter, niece, granddaughter, sister, friend, writer, cat-mom, home cook, vegetarian, djembe player, zealous reader, world traveler, former musician, big-picture thinker, city lover, slow runner.

I like to read everything I can get my eyes on, watch obscure documentaries on Netflix, listen to Stuff You Missed in History Class podcasts, think about how to be a better person, pet my cats, and complain about how I always get sucked into the comments on internet news articles.

I love board games, books, Doctor Who, and any show Joss Whedon has ever laid a finger on. I like theater, including ballet, opera, plays, and musicals. My favorite musical is The Book of Mormon, my favorite ballet is The Rite of Spring. My current favorite board game is Ticket to Ride, though I love Settlers, Forbidden Island, Wadjet, and traditional games as well. I care about spelling and grammar, even in text messages.

I care deeply about things like taking care of the planet, living compassionately, and trying to make the world a better place. I'm fairly certain that a large portion of that can happen around a dinner table, and I believe in eating together with anyone and everyone.

I'm spending my life changing the world, one life at a time. no, seriously. By caring about people, building a community, empowering others to reach out and do justice and serve with compassion. By cooking and eating, fighting sexism and racism, reading and writing, praying and teaching. By figuring out creative ways to experience the sacred. And by talking a lot and listening not quite enough.

I'm very good at pretending to follow recipes while actually making shit up in the kitchen, all the while telling myself that if it's not good I can always order in. I've never yet had to order a pizza due to kitchen disaster.

I'm also really good at finding my way around foreign cities, laughing, telling long winded stories, and making faces if the wine is too dry.

And I have really REALLY great hair.


I'm looking for someone interesting and interested. Someone ready to go on adventures and to balance them by staying home and cooking while watching Netflix. Someone both independent and who wants to be a partner in life. Someone on a spiritual path, whatever form that may take--a path toward being their true self and seeking to better to the world.

My ideal partner needs to have and be ready to use: a passport, a library card, and a love of museums. He should pay attention to what is going on in the world and have a mind open to many possibilities.

Nerdiness is a definite plus, as is fluency in a non-English language (I love the perspective offered by knowing another language!). Willingness to negotiate a life together rather than just falling into gender stereotypes is a necessity.

I need to have cats in my life, so if you can't...I'm sure you're lovely, but sadly not for me. There are many dogs I love too, but cats are a non-negotiable--there is something about them that makes a house feel like home.




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