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Seattle, Washington
59 years old
Raw food
Body type:
5' 7"  (170cm)
Not important
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Not home
Want Kids:
I want (more) children
Ask me
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: No
Relationship: Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:


Someone recently told me about veggiedate so I thought Id take me a gander. I see Some of my friends here. That's a good sign. Here is a little about me --

GENDER: AlphaMale


RELIGION: I believe that if you live a good life you leave Heaven when you die.

FAVORITE ACCENTS: Cyndi Lauper; Pastor Melissa Scott


LIFE MOTTO: "We Shall OverKill"

INTERESTS: Islamic Erotica

BORN THIS WAY. I was born a vegetarian and evolved toward raw vegan. Even as a toddler, I rejected Jello, eggs, chicken ....

YOUNG SABRACADABRA: I grew up in a socially retarded place where I was the only vegetarian in town ... and that town was L.A.
My classmates considered me a freak for suggesting that animals had rights and shunning leather and anything resembling leather; adults punished me for refusing to eat what they put before me. At mealtimes, I simply left and did other things; I didn't grow much because of it. When I was about seven my mother told me I was a "vegetarian". I asked her what a "vegetarian" was and to please introduce me to others. She didn't know any.

MUSIC: I listen only to Frank Zappa. Once my ears were exposed to the brilliant mastermind creative genius of Zappa, I was thereafter rendered unable to appreciate normal music. Now I'm spoiled for all other musicians. 

FAVE ART: I like Alan Aldridge ("The Beatles' Illustrated Lyrics"), and Bruce Bickford ("Baby Snakes") ... but I cannot be mistaken for a wine-sipping, French-speaking, man of culture. 

POLITICS: Opinions are like assholes: everyone needs one. But I will not blab about my socio-political views as if though I were an important person; I'm just some Schmo with an opinion.

INCOME: It's not gold-diggers I'm worried about; it's the IRS. So let's just leave that a mystery.

LANGUAGES: I read, write, and speak fluent Hebrew, Spanish, and Yiddish; I read and write Russian; I speak Arabic, Polish, and French (which, according to my theory, is gay Spanish)

FAVE PEOPLE: Ayn Rand, Rosa Parks, Camile Paglia, Leona Helmsley, Michelle Malkin, Charo, Ignaz Semmelweiss, Larry Flynt, Malsom X, Jesse Helms, Sen. Joe McCarthy, Mikhael Bakunin, Spartacus, Copernicus

NOT FAVE PEOPLE: Telepreachers, 3rd-phase feminists, mysogynists, leftist "revolutionaries", Rasputin, Svengali, Frank Freeman (progenitor of the transorbital lobotomy), Edward Berneys (Ziggy Freud's nefew), Anna Freud (Ziggy's daughter), and people who wear Che Guevara or Heile Selase T-shirts.

HOME: Seattle. I've lived in Santa Barbara, Berkeley, Eugene, and SeattleCoolCoolCool all the hip hotspots. Also, have spent a lot of time in Israel, Hungary, Morrocco and Switzerland. (I have been in 22 countries)

OCCUPATION: I'm a non-union* lawyer, and maker of commercial biodiesel -- among other endeavors. I used to be an erotic stained glass artist, but lost my creativity after a wrenching breakup. Now I do law, which uses the opposite (left) side of my brain. 







For friendship, I'm open-minded and willing to be surprised. I'm happy to find a new friend who is here not for selfish reasons like health or it's your religion, or "meat is expensive", but for enlightened reasons like empathy and compassion.

I don't care about intelligence. People accuse me of being bright, but that just doesn't matter to me in a friend or partner.

I find awareness and consciousness sexy. I don't care about someone sharing my taste in music or embracing my politix, etc. Such things are trivial. Journeys are unpredictable: a couple can start off united, and diverge as they grow. Opposites can attract and eventually merge onto a common path.

I like nature and naturalishness. I'm not crazy about make up. Too me it looks like a mask and my mind drifts to the murdered whale whose fat is smeared on your face. And I think about gettin' that stuff on me when I kiss you. And I'm a kisser.

SmileI DO have a thing for dreadlocks -- especially uncultivated ones. They're just so Oooh! So if you have 'em you MUST let me touch 'em.

LaughingI'm also playful, with a keen sense of the Silly.

I have no STDs and I cherish that status.

I tend to go for Jewish girls (though sometimes it's like fucking your own sister, you know what I mean?)

So, if you have the personality of Agent 99 ("Get Smart"), or the cuteness of Charo (the Flamenco guitar player), gimme a jingle. I'll make ya tingle.

vegan organic dark chocolate
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