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Gainesville, Florida
45 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 2"  (157cm)
Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
Yours are fine
Ask me
Income: $40,000 to $60,000
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

 I love: Laughing, encouraging and inspiring others to find joy and passion in the slightest of things. Music, movies, art, photography, beaches, sunsets, the phases of the moon. Cats, dogs, boys, girls, naked squirrels. Raw Meal, onions, garlic, spices, fresh greens, clean water, inventive cuisine, an amazing slice of well-done pizza. A good french fry can rule the world, at least temporarily. Watching a good game of soccer. Cooling down after a great workout and riding the wave of endorphins as they flow. Genealogical research. Solving a good mystery. Florida's natural parks - The Everglades, the springs in Alachua County and Ocala National Forest, Dry Tortugas. My family, my friends, my pets. Structure, goals, and accomplishments. Checklists. Chinese checkers and Mankala.

I tend to attract people who think they have known me before. In turn, they tend to divulge their entire life story and/or their deepest secrets within the first week (warning! ha ha).

I have an amazing filter through which I view reality so I always have a good time. Life is short and it's up to our attitudes to conclude who we become, who surrounds us, and ultimately, our happiness.

I say no to: Racism, homophobia, sexism, elitism, attitudes, atrocious body odor (a little is fine but full blown stench does not cut it), too much cologne, abuse, and violence.

Oddly enough, I sometimes curse like a sailor in private (pardonnez-moi). ;)


If you love to cook, I love to clean. 

My ideal man loves to get his work-out on daily, go outside, exercise. Let's motivate!

Sense of humor is mandatory. I have to laugh and/or act silly several times a day, otherwise I will implode.

"To be or not to be?": Honestly, as much as I would love to meet "The One", I am much more interested in getting to know someone for who they really are first. There is no rush - the clock is not ticking for me. 

If I was Gary & Wyatt making my Lisa: You'd be sweet, kind, considerate, sharp, quick, and witty, with the type of personality that could charm the pants off an old lady (and I don't mean that in the wrong way). What I am trying to say is: 1950's classic gentlemen types are sexy!

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