Lady Stardust
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London, United-Kingdom
109 years old
Raw food
other / not disclosed
Body type:
5' 5"  (165cm)
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
Probably not
Ask me
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Yes
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

Abolitionist, anti-speciesist, vegan since 1990 (life being my eventual goal). Living a raw lifestyle year-round since 2006, after several years of being seasonally raw. Vegan for ethical reasons, raw/local/wildcrafter for environmental, health & amazing vitality. I prefer to eat seasonally, organically, and as locally as possible at all times.

I am an avid homesteader, DIYer, and culinarian (chef/developer/instructor), as well as a musician, photographer, and veganic artisan. I am also a holistic plantbased nutrition consultant, wellness coach, writer/copy editor, mystic, ascetic, ordained spiritual counsellor, Ahimsa lifestyle mentor, physical fitness/flexibility/rehabilitation/regeneration adept (twice certified to train others), and promoter of conscious living.

I have always been active for fellow Earthlings in some way or another, even throughout various intermittent states of relative solitude/hermitage from the rest of the world. After having mostly retired from professional activity in the entertainment industry (music/arts/media presentation), I spent a great deal of time focusing upon various charitable endeavours and related projects whilst studying theology, philosophy, ethics, and herbalism/detoxification (amongst other things) whilst dwelling in monastic settings.

Always learning, forever exploring, committed to experiencing each life event as if it were my first & last day on Earth.


I'm somewhat conservative, but also a free spirit.


My personality type is INFP-T and I regularly enjoy a great deal of solitide and isolation in my daily life. Although I may not outwardly appear to others as a stereotypical introvert, I have always been remarkably empathic and generally require lengthy intervals of time to restore my energy between social situations. I spent quite a long period of time on my own whilst self-healing and rehabbing from a cycling accident, which has considerably amplified this characteristic.

With that having been said, lockdowns have recently led to some interesting thought patterns & internal/philosohphical conflicts...

Far more interested in daily practicality than travel, as I have been travelling and moving about quite often over the past 7 years or so (though not necessarily in accordance with my own desires) and prefer to set down some roots––both literally and figuratively. I dislike holidays and prefer to create an atmosphere of sanctuary in which to retreat within my own home.



Initially I created this profile solely in search of platonic friendships with others on similar paths.
However, as "life" and the world in which we live have been evolving over the course of the past few years, I have found myself in a position of considering things from newly found perspectives.

Perhaps not so unlike many others, my soul is presently in search of true family on a number of levels. The past year has made this quite apparent, and I have come to realise the true meaning of the phrase "no man is an island." This has been a difficult lesson, but I have finally reached a point of better understanding the need for beings to shift, adjust, and sometimes change their ways somewhat dramatically in order to move forward productively in accordance with respective life's purpose. As such, I am setting intention to do so whilst allowing the will of the Universe to guide me toward where/how I must be.

With that having been said, certain fundamentals which have remained with me throughout the vast majority of my life are not likely to be altered at any time. As such, veganism in accordance with nature & careful consideration of fellow inhabitants of Earth shall always remain absolute.

So I ask that those who wish to contact me please be VEGAN, preferably of similar moral constitution to myself. It is also nice to connect with others who are either adherent or largely inclined toward exploration of an entirely raw diet, as I often experiment & share the results.

Active interest & possible experience in permaculture/veganic gardening & wildcrafting strongly desired. DIY ethic greatly admired, as I love being around those who have something to share & teach. Background in music is greatly appreciated, as well as an interest in spirituality, interspecies communication & esteem for the fine arts.

Bonus points for fellow musos & creatives. =)

Peace to all beings.


vegan organic dark chocolate
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