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Chico, California
54 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 2"  (157cm)
Not important
Marital status:
Ask me
Have Kids:
Not disclosed
Want Kids:
Yours are fine
Ask me
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

Why vegan? I am in awe of and in love with all animals. They are completely at our mercy. I know in my heart that it is not our job to dominate other species but to speak up and protect them that have no voice. 

I am never one to be impressed by the cars someone owns (or financed)  or how much they make (are they ever home!) or even hobbies or how far they have traveled. All of that can change in an instant and always does over time. What matters is the consistency of the heart. I look at how someone views the world, what they find beautiful, and how they treat others (people and animals). I heard once that a gentleman is someone who makes sure everyone in the room is comfortable. I don't think many men aspire to be a gentleman anymore, it is not about opening doors. 

About me, in every way, I try to be kind. I can be a strong defender.  I always wear my socks inside out. I've been known to ride my bike with high heels on or wear a nice dress with muddy boots. I like getting dirty. I like feeling pretty. I am very feminine.  Some things in my house are perfectly tidy while others look like we just had another California earth shake. I am not down to earth. My thoughts are in the universe. Conformity mystifies me.

I'm a little bit of an urban cowgirl (the vegan cowgirl)  love all rock n roll, I love to dance (mostly swing, country swing and Latin), and I go to as many concerts as time allows. I am a great cook except not as often lately since I work full time in the medical field (nights) and I'm going to school (again). 

My friends describe me as smart, loyal and a little quirky. 

 I have a son who is 24. He lives nearby with his girlfriend of 10 years and their cat. I have a daughter who is 19 living with me going to college. Cats live with us. I make sure we have a family dinner once a week. 

I have a tough exterior and a gentle spirit. I often ask myself what else can I do to leave this world a better place.  

I'm a deep thinker and a conscious person about how my words and actions affect animals (including people) and though I'm not a believer in a skydaddy kind of god  I do often wonder what the heck this is we are doing here. 




It is difficult to explain what I'm looking for, since I won't know until I meet him. It would be difficult for me to have a relationship with someone who doesn't share the same perspective on our place in the univese that I do. I'm hoping we have things to teach each other, to grow together with kindness and encouragement. I partner to take refuge in from the daily challenges of living. I do well single but who of us wouldn't love to have and know a soul mate?





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