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Tampa, Florida
55 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 8"  (173cm)
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
No (more) children
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Yes
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

Hi! I'm Dee. 

I love wearing sundresses and feeling feminine when we're out. I love sweet, juicy, tropical fruit and traveling to where it grows! I love being active/busy.

I desire a relationship with a man who is turned on by vulnerability, inspired by permissive language, and connected through respect.



I feel happiest when you initiate contact. 

I value a polarized relationship where you lead, I follow. I love the feeling of serving my man and submitting to his loving direction (or correction). I love following your leadership.

I desire a traditional relationship and to support my partner's instinct to care for me and protect me by taking care of his needs. When you love to take care of me, your gifts of protecting and providing feel amazing! I don't want a 50-50 boy where I lead half the time. That means you submit to me half the time... which is a turn off. I'm not saying a man is superior to a woman. I'm not a slave girl. I'm also not a feminist. I cannot do it all.

I love needing my partner! You see us as equal, just in very different roles. I will ask for help with what I need and express my feelings and share whatever problems I'm experiencing. You'll get to know my strengths and guide me in the way you think is best. I will trust your judgment. I enjoy being my man's peace and making things easier when he requests my help. 


I need to feel alignment... compatibility and attunement... mutual attraction and affection, mutual admiration and appreciation. Mutual emotional intelligence and maturity allow us to move through the conflict and repair cycle with respect and kindness. 


May I share about myself? 


SnapshotI grew up in PA. I moved to Charlotte, NC for 6 years then to Florida in 1998

I'm 5'8", 110lbs, in good health, tattoo-free, plus free to travel (or relocate).

I love outdoor activities sunsets, beaches, walking, e-bike or bicycling, doubles tennis, hiking, starry night skies, snorkeling, and value a clean and well-organized home. I enjoy road trips, yoga, meditation, massages. I light up envisioning a vegan playmate who loves warm weather travel and stopping at fruit markets on our adventures. 

I love quality time and physical touch, snuggling and cuddling, holding hands, steamy kisses and  affectionate smooches. I love when you do things for me I need help with... maybe it's my car or house, or investments, or just sharing the insight and wisdom you gained over the years.

When it comes to friends, I'd rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies, so my circle is small. My Myers-Briggs test says I'm istp. My score was 51 for introversion and 49 for extroversion. I feel best if you are the more extroverted one. Although I lean toward introversion, I can also feel vivacious and outgoing so, sometimes people peg me for an extrovert when they first meet me.

I don't take pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary. 

I have friends on both sides of the vaccine and mask debate. I did not take the vaccine. I had covid in June 2022 and appreciated the sleep! I’m not anti-vax nor anti-science. I do feel icky when people exaggerate science... or anything. 

I'm financially conservative and socially liberal. I feel better minimizing my exposure to divisive political drama and most news.

I don't watch much TV. To me, TV in the bedroom can interfere with closeness and connection.That said... I enjoy watching psychological thrillers, documentaries, nature shows, movies based on true stories, etc. 

Occupation: I have rental properties and at times feel stress and overwhelm... dealing with the handymen, contractors, not knowing enough and worry about being taken advantage of.. and even certain tenants when problems come up. 

I'm a lifelong learner, have a growth mindset and love learning from my man.

VacationWarm, sunny/tropical destinations excite me! I feel a sense of adventurous, am sensual, and go with the flow.  I'm fun-loving, curious, practical, and creative.  Travel goals: Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Melanesia, Maldives, Belize, etc. plus Long and short US road trips. I feel quite adventureous, up for almost any travel!

I no longer enjoy snow ski trips (at the expense of warmer travel) however, if you love skiing, go and have a great time or I can come along and happily hang by the fire and take my laptop or a book. My idea of camping is a Holiday Inn or a nice RV. Glamping on an African Safari sounds fun. Tents aren’t my thing. Why? Hmmm.. bugs, bears, and bigfoot! 

Plant station: I’m vegan/plant-based. I can easily eat low fat raw or cooked vegan and can enjoy vegan processed junk food. I'm content as a simple eater... fresh fruits and salads, steamed veggies and yummy sauces. Health is important to me, so I choose mostly organic produce. I eat at home a lot and enjoy eating out also. I took a few vegan culinary courses so, if you're a happy eater, it will be fun to see if you think some of my food is better than some restaurants. Fiji water and fruit smoothies are generally my beverage of choice. I don't drink coffee.

I prefer being pet-free and was for more than 10 years. Now I foster/care for one sweet adult kitty whose owner died suddenly at age 41. If you know someone who would be an awesome cat mom I'm open to finding her a good forever home or we can keep her.

Personal growth & development:  Many authors influenced me over the years: Zig Ziglar was popular when I was an impressionable teen. If we both have a happy, can-do attitude and a grateful heart, it sounds like a fun way to spend our time spinning around the solar system together! I also benefitted from the works of Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, Eckhart Tolle, T. Harv Eker, and Abraham Hicks, to name a few. 


Tell me the story of You. Tell me how you spend your days.

You're physically fit, active, plus authentic, intelligent, flexible, thoughtful, kind, sincere, considerate, generous, and devoted. You’re playful, charming, and flirtatious with your woman. You don’t smoke cigarettes/cigars and rarely drink, if at all. You post your real age, so we’re not navigating a mistruth out of the gate. For me to fully submit and trust a man, he is fully accountable for everything he does.

You’re mentally strong and protect me. You developed control of your anger. You don't show me your scary side because it causes a loss of trust (for any woman). Beautiful people catch our eye every day and, you're in control of your monster. You lose interest in porn when you're in a relationship. You're a man in control not a controlling man. Our polarity inspires my irresistibly feminine choice to submit. You lead, I follow.

Your can-do attitude seeks a win-win. You value quality communication. We can talk about any topic without judgment, criticism, or blame. We elevate and bring out the best in each other. When things don’t go as planned one of us brings humor to the situation. We can’t avoid the conflict and repair cycle, so we get good at it and see the bigger picture.

You love to travel plus love being home. If you have kids, they're on their own, not living at home.

You might be retired, own real estate, or own your own business. Watching constant negative news and TV doesn’t turn you on like being active or having passionate work does. You'll always be involved in something you're passionate about. 

vegan organic dark chocolate
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