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Milford, Connecticut
56 years old
Caucasian / White
Almost veg
Body type:
5' 4"  (163cm)
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
No (more) children
Income: tell you later
Relocation: No
Relationship: Casual dates OR activity partner

My description:

Very gentle soul - kind, sees the beauty/divinity in nature, fascinated by the world, love animals, I understand people very well, people tell me I'm very funny, an optimist, love to laugh, can be very serious, or very silly, love to read, spend time with nature (in any way), want to get into gardening, am very spiritual, love travel, food, and people, I'm very warm and giving, deep thinker, love the arts, am a cat lover (I love dogs too; actually any type of animal)- guess you could say that I'm the cat whisperer. Family values are important to me. Would have loved to have helped in animal rescue after Katrina. Retired Counselor for the Dept. of Correction. Would like to write. Am told that I'm an excellent communicator. Play the piano, - sometimes my nose - - although the repetoire for this instrument -is limited.  A sense of humor and someone that is not overly serious but who is thoughtful  - somone easy going - is what I'm looking for.  I love to have a good time whether I'm finger painting (ok --so I don't do that - but I would) or meeting other people.  Life is Much Too difficult at times for us to get caught up in the negative.  Sometimes I get caught up in my inner child as I see the wonder in the universe through the eyes of a child.  I am an empath and need to sequester at times because I can feel the energies around me quite intensely.  I do know myself very well, which is most of the battle for all of us - no?  :)  Once you know - you can work with it.  Anywho - that's me.  Peace.


seeking a person who understands that a deep friendship is the key - to intimacy - a kind, honest person with integrity, love of animals, nature, can communicate well, appreciates learning, values family, non-judgemental, open-minded, spiritual, sense of humor - doesn't take themselves too seriously (life is complicated enough-no?) can listen and work things out. Does not have to have a partner - to feel happy; basically can be happy enough - with their life as it is. This earth presents many challenges to those who inhabit it. I seek someone who wants to make a positive impact upon this planet - in whatever capacity that resonates w/them - and want to be appreciated for my desire to do the same.

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