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Waterbury, Connecticut
56 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 8"  (173cm)
Not important
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Not home
Want Kids:
Not sure
Ask me
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

This is all going to come across really stuffy. I know! In real life I'm really sort of anti-stuffyish! I like to make people smile.

I can’t possibly impart my personality to you here, so I don't expect to be able to show you who I am based on what I write about myself. I only hope to give you an idea of what's important to me and maybe then we can find out more about each other by talking in person. There is so much more to communication than the words themselves. You can say the same words with a different inflection in your voice, or added body language, or varied eye contact and so much more! The little nuances of communication are important to me when getting to know someone, so I’d like to meet you in person. A profile is a good way to narrow down an important requirement for me in a partner. I believe that it's wrong to kill animals. I've been vegan for about 35 years and I am only interested in being with a woman who has the same understanding of the sanctity of an animal's life. If it’s true that less than 1% of adult women are vegan, that means that one out of a hundred women is vegan. Maybe out of 10 vegan women I could find the one who cares about honesty, integrity, consideration, communication and fidelity as much as I do. So out of a thousand women, I’ve narrowed it down to one. Since I want to be attracted to her, I might find one out of a hundred who makes me smile when I look at her. So to get that hundred, I need a hundred thousand women to find the one who I might want to be with. How many of those ‘one out of a hundred thousand women’ do I need to find the one who feels the same way about me? I should have added that she doesn’t’ smoke or drink either, but that math problem would be too depressing! Well, I’ve never put it into those terms before, but it does explain how I feel about the challenge. I might not be the target audience for the invention of internet dating, but I am grateful for the hope that it gives. If your reasons are the same as mine, you might be willing to travel a little, and put in the work to have an awesome relationship together. I hope so! I am.I would love to meet this rare woman, and find that she lives right down the road from me… so ok…if I had to factor that into that probability problem then I’d end up being the crazy cat lady – guy! Because that will NEVER happen! 


I will by the way, be willing to do all of the travelling if I live beyond a distance that you’re comfortable with. It’s such a small effort for me to make. A great lifelong relationship demands effort for any couple. Since it will be hard enough for you and I to find each other given the probability problem that I mentioned, you must know from me how much I understand and appreciate the value of what we could have, and how much I’m willing to do to make it happen.

I care about what kind of a person you are, how you treat other people, how you make me feel, and that you inspire me to be the best person who I can be. If money is important to you, you should know that you probably have more than me. Some traits that are important to me are: honesty, integrity, compassion, understanding, consideration, loyalty, kindness, letting someone know by words and actions that they are valued. The woman in my life will always rightfully trust me, and know how much I love and respect her even when I disagree with her, and I will know the same from her when she disagrees with me.

I would like to meet a woman who is gentle, sweet, down-to-earth, warm, and caring. Being able to have intelligent conversations together as well as silly ones would make me happy. I'd like to be able to trust and respect her input and advice on things as much as she would with me. Good communication is critical.



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