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Las Vegas, Nevada
64 years old
Caucasian / White
Agnostic / not religious
I'll tell you later
Body type:
Few extra lbs
6' 1"  (185cm)
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
No (more) children
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

SEEKING Female Dates, nicer to date a vegetarian, I am a vegan 

FRIENDS: ALL KINDS WELCOME over 1300 friends, rarely get to my email.   Back to Vegetarian since January 1993, strict Vegan since December 22 1998.  EVERYONE CAN HEAR MY MUSIC at www.ARCHURE.NET  excellent VEG propaganda; and read my Quick Guide to Nutritional Mental Health - AND - Veg Quotes  

WOMEN: over here please, you like me....  LOVE and ROMANCE DEPT: 6'1" vegan from CA.  SSDI Disability benefits (physical, cant jump or lift, walk slow, sometimes with a cane, sex ok), taking the Bus, can only drive my car to a close store until my benefits finalize 12/2016?.   No herpes.   Rx Indica daily.  Live near Tropicana/Spencer  (Will Chris Holley) stage name ARCHURE (prn Archer) 702-871-8123 no caller ID, not a cell, no texting. My Astro chart  
BAS AMT; AAS EET; AS CIM; AA FAM; HNRS   Registered Voter non-partisan liberal, I grew up around the Reagans, my mom knew Nixon, but they sent me to a liberal Quaker school for 2 years, I escorted Joan Baez to Peace events, I worked with Caesar Chavez as an astrologer and promoter. Pete Seeger didn't like me because I would not eat ice cream.  I am not a Quaker but tend to follow Quakerly Ways.   
ARTIST and MUSICIAN (lessons from top Hollywood pros and used to hang out with famous musicians).   
I am seeking a girlfriend, I am 6’1” straight male, talkative, enjoy science, the internet, music, art, and astrology. Excellent blood pressure, friendly disposition, equality for all. I do not go to church but am a man of morals. Registered non-partisan voter. I'm on SS Disability, but can walk slow, I need to sit down, couch potato, fixed income living cheap, DUTCH TREAT please, I'll have a soda; but I have lots of TIME available for fun and romance with you. I am from Hollywood, Marin, San Clemente, and Mendocino village. I currently live on Spencer St near Reno St (Tropicana Ave, Eastern Ave area). I am a former casino theater Photographer, 9 years, and an electronics technologist. BAS AMT; AAS EET; AS CIM; AA FAM; HNRS lifetime honor society (electronics, robotics, computer op, fine arts music). born 6/6/1953 @ 8:31 am in San Diego (learned astrology from family friends the Reagans, and I got music lessons from top stars). Racially culturally friendly. Legal Medical Marijuana Rx, and its important. No children, no pets. I record my own music and post it at my non-commercial web page 

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I would really like a girlfriend, I would like a relationship but will settle for what ever, as long as its Straight, and Female.  With a Libido please.  

SEEKING A VEGETARIAN or VEGAN WOMAN (tubes tied prefered) and No Herpes please. for dating and possible relationship. Must be born female only.  Must enjoy HUMOR, high IQ intelligent conversation, must believe in gender equality, and all equality. The thicker the glasses, the more they like me. I AM STRICTLY HETERO. Straight culture only.  

I grew up around gay people, friends and family, but I myself am strictly hetero/straight and it would be best if I stick with Straight Culture.     

I do not mind dating different races and or cultures.  
I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and tend to like Jewish women 
I am also attracted to women of Norse origins
I find Itallian women attractive, unless they get gutteral
I think an Irish woman might make a good choice, for me at least
I am attracted to some German women, but German to English translation is hard to understand? Such as Freud or the I Ching. Lots of Germans in the Bass section, I am really a tennor and they finally convinced me my voice would not change any more, but I was already in the Bass section and now I have a good sense of Bass in musical composition, and play good Bass in additon to all my other musical skills at   I have a limited tenor range because I seriously need my tonsils out, but they won't take them out as I am not gay (no blow job, no tonsils out sorry, ENT is gay and prejudise if your not), and am a  musically trained rocker, they don't want that in their town.  The head of the Music Dept put a note in my file to get my tonsils out.  Age 63 still need my tonsils out.  
and English women, my dna and last name are found south of London.  And I think that some Enlish women really like me, so maybe????   
Spanish women say I look Spanish, but I am not, but Spanish women Yes.  
Mexican, grew up next door to the Gomez family, Over there all the time.  
Asian women, I have a rice cooker, I think Asian women are cute but they never go for me, someone said they don't like light color hair.  
Also note: my grandmothers Scythian kind is enslaved and hated in Turkey and the middle east.  I would not ever go over there.  A professor told me, its worse for my kind over there, than it is for a Black person in the deep south, which is very bad.  My Russian grandfather lived with a Black woman in SF around 100 years ago, then worked at Paramount Pictures and knew Ella Fitzgerald, BB King, James Brown, so I am cool.  
Native American, i had peyote early in life, my grandfather knew Native Americans from Paramount Pictures, then in my 20's more peyote, and I could easily go for a Native American woman, except that their culture is a low libido culture, so it depends on the woman.  In Irland, they are totally sexually oppressed by The Chuch says my psych professor (took a class in Human Sexuality = 20 min foreplay, if I reinsert to the wrong location say something, men can't tell, some women yelled BS, the professor corrected her); but when opressed Irish women come over here, some may feel more liberated, I like Irish women but I don't know all the Irish cultural stuff.  In fact as per my studies, my cultural upbringing closely matches FINISH from Finland becasue my grandmother lived in St Petersberg next to Finland. 
 What male gets his choice, who cares what I like, men get a barage of NO WAY BUDDY, while women pick whom they want, so I am not rich, but I am vegan and have a high IQ, educated with honors  





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