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New York, New York
62 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 5"  (165cm)
Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
Yours are fine
PhD/Post Doc
Income: tell you later
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

 I am an author, an anti-establishment psychologist with PhD, an iconoclast. My last book (2012) was on spirituality and madness.... I grew up in a secular Jewish home. I was an intellectual rebel by the time I was 12.

. I was reading the beats like Allen Ginsberg, Kenneth Patchen at 12 and I became a anti-war protester in high school, and a “Marxist” by the time I arrived at college at UW-Madison.

I am a Romantic-- even as the world implodes I hope for a miracle. I am looking for a spiritual, romantic, attractive woman (38-58) with great depth of feeling-- with whom I can communicate about the important things in life....and the unimportant. I am an intellectual, 64, (the photo is recent) but it does not matter to me how well read you are, as long as you are intellectually curious, unconventional or receptive to unconventional ideas, and expressive.

I am left-wing--by which I do not mean I place any faith in the Democratic Party, or any other corrupted institutions or persons.

I don't profess to be always cheerful--I am searching for happiness, and love but I am aware of the pathos of the human situation. As Henry Miller said prophetically in 1957, "One can live joyously--one must!--in the midst of a world peopled with sorrowing suffering creatures[and, one might add, menaced by the
threat of environmental apocalypse]. What other world is there is which to enjoy life? But I know this, that I will no longer perform for the sake of performing, nor act for the sake of being active...Nor will I acknowledge as necessary or inevitable what now goes on in the name of law and order, peace and prosperity, freedom and security. Sell it to the Hottentots! "

I am aware of the efforts made by elites to keep us all ignorant. The ruling elites and their political pawns try to sell us their dream of permanent war and consumerist cornucopia while the piles of corpses grow higher and higher. What an impoverished and perverted imagination.

Compare it to the visions of our great seers: Isaiah, Jesus, Tolstoi, Dorothy Day, Lincoln, Emerson, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi. Sri Aurobindo, the Mother..... There could be paradise on earth, ineffable felicity---we could have immortal bodies, eternal love.. . Such was the vision of the great neo-Hindu yogi and philosopher Sri Aurobindo. His spiritual partner was a French woman (Jewish Turkish background) who became known as the Mother. "The Mother and I are one," Aurobindo wrote. Aurobindo predicted the advent of a golden age, the eternal dawn, "the marriage of the eternal bridegroom and the eternal bride"...

To quote Miller again: "I can imagine a world--because it has always existed!-- in which man and beast choose to live in peace and harmony, a world transformed each day through the magic of love, a world free of death. It is not a dream." All that matters, Miller said, is that the miraculous becomes the norm.

Those of us who are living now will be the ones who determine the future. It is our task as stewards of the earth to try to save the earth. "We have met the Messiah and He is us," author Buddhist- Jungian Paul Levy wrote.

In the Vedas the Rishis exclaim "We have crossed through to the other shore of this darkness! The dawn is breaking forth..."



A stated above I am looking for a spiritual, romantic, attractive woman 35--58 with great depth of feeling, -- intellectually curious, unconventional or receptive to unconventional ideas and expressive.

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