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Chicago, Illinois
44 years old
Caucasian / White
Agnostic / not religious
I'll tell you later
Body type:
6' 1"  (185cm)
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Marital status:
Ask me
Have Kids:
At home
Want Kids:
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: No
Relationship: Activity partner

My description:

I switched to Vegetarian in 2022 and I'd like to be Vegan for ethical reasons. I would like to spend my time with like minded people and grow. I'm from New Orleans originally, but I've lived in Chicago for 10+ years. I'm an engineer, creative thinker and I'd like to be an artist, but my work keeps me grounded and gives me some freedom. I'm not particularly religious or political, but definitely left leaning liberal.

I'd like to meet someone new and see if they smile at bad jokes. I like to listen to people's stories. How people got to where they are helps me really understand them. I do say whatever's on my mind 24/7, but I'm respectful and timing is important. 

Interest: I do like bad movies scifi, horror, independent anything at a real life theater is fantastic (love the Music Box and Alamo). I like booth bars, cooking at home, good people and anything outside. I'm on Divvy a bunch in the summer (Cricket Hill to Grant park is a nice ride, I'm starting off on Fullerton) and the city is beautiful. I'm on Vegilly, FB Chicago Vegans and some meetup vegan groups, but rarely organized enough to show up. I do like Libby's Corner and there's a Vegan Stoner Club which is pretty fun. Always looking for an invite or to invite. I'm a social cornerstone in my group (I think... lolz), but I do like a night in and some stargazing on my roof : )

That's me in a few lines but I'm friendly enough and smile more than I should.


Looking for: My goals are both weirdly vague and specific and I'll know it in an instant. After much thought, there are many things that narrow our expectations. Indiscriminate choices that we use to rule people out that could change us for the better. I see people that fit my check list and I wonder if any check list is really the right way to meet people. Some people who check all my boxes are too much like me and won't change me. Maybe it's better to see where they are first, then look deeper.

1) I do want a vegan friend, but who am I to judge? If anyone is patient, kind and hopeful, that's enough for me. Let's start with eating animals is weird.

vegan organic dark chocolate
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