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Houston, Texas
69 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 9"  (175cm)
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Not home
Want Kids:
Yours are fine
Some college
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Yes
Relationship: Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

I am 68, but people think I look 50. I was raised from birth as a Vegetarian and I try to eat mostly raw and uncooked food.  I don't take medications, drugs, smoke, drink etc.  I believe in fasting and letting the body restor and heal itself.  I raised my 3 Children without vaccinations.  I believe the body's own immune system should not be compromised by taking vaccinations or medicines.  I believe that the germ theory is incorrect and is used by the medical establishment to rake in profits.  It is taught in the schools and practiced as fact when it is only a theory that is not proven to be correct.  It's all about the Terrain and the condition of the body. If the body becomes so over-loaded with toxins and medications etc. it will become diseased with toxic over load and the only way to correct disease is to fast and let the body detoxify to its own desired state of health.  I was raised in the church and went to church schools.  My Dad was the preacher.  I went to College to study Theology to become a Preacher myself...but after the internet came into existance, I had the opportunity to search for myself and have come to the conclusion that the Bible is man made and I can no longer believe that it is the word of a mythical God in the sky.  Religion has caused so much hate and division and wars and is a very destructive force in our world.  Everyone want s to be the "True" church and fighting between the different religions is devisive at best.  I'm a liberal who believes in person rights. I'm not a Trump Supporter. I think he wants to become a dictator and destroy our democracy.  

   I'm an easy going, kind hearted, positive person.  I love to laugh.  I enjoy watching the Texans and Astros and going to the movies etc.



I am seeking a women that shares the same interests and who is a nice and positive person. 

vegan organic dark chocolate
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