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Oakland, California
53 years old
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Body type:
5' 11"  (180cm)
Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)
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Single (never married)
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No (more) children
Some college
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Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

I am Vegan because meat comes from the cadaver of someone who wanted to live.

The *best* choice you can make, the most positive action you can accomplish, is becoming Vegan.

Being Vegan embodies non-violence, renouncing the oppression of all beings, including non-human animals.

Birds such as turkeys and chickens.

Pigs, cows and fish commonly used and killed for “food.”

When you get to know them, you recognize animals have feelings and are sensitive individuals.

Just like you, as well as your dog and cat companions.

All of this perspective is incontrovertible.

You are likely agreeable to everything expressed.

If you're not Vegan, it's simple - Stop making excuses and please become Vegan.

Being Vegan is easy!

As an activist and advocate I am aware of other benefits of being Vegan.

Animal use is an environmental disaster!

Being Vegan benefits the environment, my health and adds to my mental and spiritual clarity.

The primary reason I am Vegan is because animals want to live.

Cows never go to slaughterhouses thinking "make me a hamburger."

Animals want to live.

I have noticed people pointing out they avoid eating meat yet consume milk products.

Dairy is liquid meat: Cows are raped every year (imagine that). After yearly rapes, their babies are taken. BABIES STOLEN FROM MOTHERS! (Get's me all wound up just writing this) Babies typically are killed for veal.

Cows commonly mourn loss of their young.

Dairy cows are slaughtered when their lactation quota is counterproductive (too low) for business expense.

Dairy is liquid meat.

It's all the same. There is no morally distinguishable difference between different animal products.

All animal products involve the use and killing of non-consenting sentient beings that wanted to live.

A critical Vegan detail many do not realize or choose to ignore: Being Vegan is more expansive than simply what one eats.

Are you paying attention?

Being Vegan embodies non-violence, renouncing oppression of all beings including non-human animals.

Vegan philosophy connotes LEAVING ANIMALS ALONE. We, humans, abstain from using or exploiting non-humans in any way.

Vegan certainly means ceasing all practical animal use, such as dairy and eggs. And meat of course.

Animals are not fabric. Leather is dead skin. Wool is fundamentally a product of use, abuse and murder.

Down feathers come from tortured birds which are eventually slaughtered.

It's disheartening to see "vegans" exploiting equines.

Animals are not transport devices: Leave horses alone. 

Although I thoroughly respect animals, I have no particular love or affection for them.

I am in awe of most non-human creatures. Particularly animals in the wild.

Most have skills, abilities and senses putting humans to shame.

I could sit with you for hours appreciating the wonder of a single spider.

Or watching Oakland Pelicans often here at Beautiful Lake Merritt where I currently live.

I take a fundamental Vegan approach: I leave animals alone.

Was that clear?

Anything explicitly from animals came through use, exploitation and invariably the murder of that non-human individual who wanted to live.

I am a Vegan Advocate. Although recently taking a break, I always spread the Vegan idea.

Wearing a shirt with my message and website, in an email, online comment or review signature.

'Phone calls with customer service rep.


Part of the reason I relaxed public advocacy is mostly because of the 2020 pandemic.

As you know, pandemics will be reduced in a Vegan world.

Pandemics involve zoonotic diseases (from animals to humans) typically because people exploit animals.

That exploitation comes primarily by killing animals for "food."

As long as humanity continues eating and using animals, intimately interacting with them, pandemics will continue.

Vaccinations presently are not Vegan. At a minimum, thousands of animals were and are used as vaccine "research" tools. Although presently current COVID-19 vaccines available are represented as being animal ingredient-free: that may not be the case.

Blood from thousands of horseshoe crabs is used to ensure COVID-19 vaccines are contamination free.

Although horseshoe crab blood is technically not a vaccine ingredient, it might as well be.

Horseshoe crabs have complex nervous systems and are likely sentient and/or subjectively aware. It is likely Horseshoe crabs experience pain.

Captured crabs are placed in racks and the tissue around their hearts is pierced. Up to 30% of horseshoe crab blood, being blue, is drained. The process is clearly distressing. Although allegedly returned to the ocean, between 10% and 30% of crabs die in the bleeding process and after being returned. Many are re-caught and bled again. Imagine that were you.

There are animal-free options. That alternative has not been accepted and seems will presently not be implemented with COVID-19 vaccines. Regarding that detail alone COVID-19 vaccines involve non-consenting animal use.

On a more upbeat note, my personal life is becoming much more active.

I enjoy working out when I can, and I'm a very passionate person as you can likely sense.

Can you handle it?

If you're not already Vegan, please manage some Vegan research.

Watch higher level thinking videos on the topic if that helps.

Then please consider becoming Vegan.

Am I providing enough feedback for you?

If I can message you I have recent pictures in a reputable cloud storage location I can safely share.

I currently live a quarantined-style life.  I practice all safety protocols, rarely having new exposure of any type.

This is ensured by the over-the-top Microclimate AIR Super Mask I generally take advantage of when in questionable conditions, such as when I rarely go shopping or the current unique instances I am in public.

I look forward to meeting you!


If you have the patience to read this far you have my interest.

I am enthusiastic about meeting someone resonating with some of what I've described in this profile.

Even if you are not Vegan, that still means you. Whether or not you are vaccinated, I recognize we may still be a great match.

If I am lucky enough to have your interest, it's likely I'd be enthusiastic to spend time with and get to know you.

Now, if you are not already,  just become Vegan.

You're already hot.  When you're Vegan you become even *Hotter*!!!

Let's have fun and laugh together

vegan organic dark chocolate
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