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Sydney, Australia
41 years old
Body type:
5' 1"  (155cm)
Not important
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
Not sure
Income: $100,000 to $150,000
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

Hi, I did my bachelor's and post-graduation in management and worked in the IT field as a consultant for 15 yrs. And now I am moving into a new career. Currently, I am studying to be qualified as a Counsellor/Psychologist and I am very excited about it!

When I am not studying or working, I like to watch movies and documentaries, spend time with friends, be part of discussion groups on spirituality and philosophy (as I am a seeker just as you are), and I love to volunteer and work on community projects. Yoga, meditation, affirmations, prayer, and journaling give me clarity and peace and have played a key role in my spiritual journey.

I love reading and learning about different religions as well. I feel the true meaning of religion has been compromised and misinterpreted. Those who follow the esoteric meaning of every religion understand and follow the real truth.

Those who know me well generally see me as a simple, soft-spoken person who is very spiritually inclined and guided. I am very grateful for my initiation and transformation on this path and it is still in progress, as it is for all of us. This has brought me to see myself, others, nature, the universe, and life in a new light and it is so beautiful. It has filled me with compassion and peace for all including myself, but at the same time, there is still a pain in knowing that not everyone can see this and what they are missing out on.

Since I am not able to find many people who are on the same path, it has been difficult to find a partner.
I am seeking to be with someone who is on the same path or at least understands it, someone who is compassionate and respectful towards all. Being humble is a quality that I value the most. It would be great to be in a relationship where we can support each other in our personal paths and grow together, have lots of laughs, travel to see our amazing world, work for the community with our ideas and gifts as I believe that serving others also opens a door to our higher self.

I am looking to be in a loving LTR or a Marriage. I am open to being in a Celibate LTR or a Celibate Marriage too.
And of course, always open to being just friends as well :-)

All the best, may you find what is best for your journey!


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