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Louisville, Kentucky
60 years old
Caucasian / White
Agnostic / not religious
Body type:
5' 10"  (178cm)
Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 20)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
Yours are fine
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Yes
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

I joined this site becauseI would love to find a great guy to share my life with, but I am also open to finding like-minded girls for friendship! 

There's too much compromise, and a sad feeling of tolerance in trying to be in a relationship with a carnivore. I'm done. Only vegetarian guys for now on. I have to be comfortable in my/your/our own home, and not be made to feel like a jerk for not allowing meat leftovers in my fridge.  I am far from perfect in my journey, but I do believe that people who have compassion for animals are, frankly, more evolved.  

I love traveling, learning, skiing, visiting art museums, music and worthwhile conversation. 

Nearing retirement from 32 plus year career. Working out what to DO (and where to go) next.

Originally from Chicago. I spent the 90s in San Diego and San Francisco. Spent 10 years or so in Houston. I have been in Louisville since 2014.

My sister had followed me out and settled in the Northern California area, so I have family in (and I visit!) both Chicago and San Francisco.    

I majored in French language at Southern Illinois University back in the day.

Achieved my Masters degree in Ancient and Classical History in Dec 2020. For one class I actually got to go to Romania to participate in a dig uncovering a fifth century Byzantine fort.  

Currently working toward a Masters certificate (3 courses down/ 3 courses to go) in Art History. 

I love dogs, but I am allergic to cats.

I still enjoy, and take figure skating lessons. It’s my fave workout, and I get to pretend I’m training FOR THE GOLD!

I am now a slow, gentle skier. I rarely go but I truly love it. The cool air, the trees, the snow-capped mountains, the laughter, the (relative) speed, the hot chocolate, the matching jacket and bibs, the chairlift conversations, the warm fireplaces, the sandwiches, the fun! My family learned at the same time in the late 70s and it brings me extra close to memories of my parents, and this eternal gift they gave to me and my siblings.

Not a touristy, drinks-on-the-beach kind of traveler. I want to be in or on the water, hiking to see beautiful views or participating in activities that facilitate learning.  

I prefer to spend my holidays visiting ancient or medieval ruins, cathedrals, castles, battle sites and historically relevant museums - then dash over with equal enthusiasm to look around the modern art museum. 

I don’t go to bars, and I don’t see the point in sitting in a restaurant that has televisions on its walls. I prefer quiet places where I can engage in conversation with interesting humans.  

I enjoy board game nights with my family. My nieces and nephews run circles around me. All but one out of 7 are grown.  

I love to check out the ballet, the orchestra , opera and other fun shows. I also enjoy live music and comedy.  

If I can find a place to ride a horse on vacation to get out and see more views, that’s always a bonus.

I still play guitar, and might be able to accompany you on bass.  I bought a mandolin years ago that I want to play better. Right now I can only do two chords on it. 
I can do a sloppy 4/4 beat on drums, with one or two cheesy fills. Quite out of practice on the ol’ instruments…..but the skill is in there…lying in wait! It is an absolute joy to play music with others.  

I have not eaten meat since 1992.  
What about you?


I would love it if you were (and I will be in return):

Respectful, Kind & Considerate, Communicative, and a Gentleman. 

Make me laugh, (the drier, the better), but don’t explain your joke to me. I'll ask if I don't get it.  If I don’t laugh…blame your joke!

Be emotionally mature:
Stuff will come up  
It’s not you vs. me.  
It’s you and I vs. the situation. 
We can figure it out.  

Have interests and pursue them. 
I like to learn new things 
looking over your shoulder...or simply go into "fan girl" mode while you do your thing. 

Recycling should not be new to you.

Being conversant in the arts or 
history is a bonus!  So is the ability to help me change spark plugs on my 1975 Honda 360!  

Don’t talk “Batman” to me
unless you mean Adam West.

I am less interested in a "gym guy" than someone who actually gets out and participates in sports or other active pursuits.  

Don’t be tied to your phone, 
video games or TV.  Put it away and let's get out and do stuff!  Of course I use apps and check emails on my phone, but it will be in my purse or upstairs on a charger when we spend time together. When we are together my focus is on you.

Understand that tone in texts is tricky. I like calls better. I only like to text for quick, immediate stuff such as: change in plans; what time and where to meet up; or quick answer to a trivia question, etc.  Of course a "how is your day going" or "thinking of you" texts are nice to receive. I just dislike full-on conversations over text.  

If you've made it this far, I really appreciate you taking the time to actually read my ad. Thank you!




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