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Atlanta, Georgia
72 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 6"  (168cm)
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 20)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Not home
Want Kids:
No (more) children
PhD/Post Doc
Income: tell you later
Relocation: Unlikely
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

Simple uncomplicated living speaks to me. No bells and whistles. The less that has to be dusted, the more I am able to do the real work in this world. I am in the non invasive health field with eight degrees that help to provide a "broad tapestry" of information and the ability to help anyone heal most any imbalance.  Vegan to the core. I have compiled a vegan website with a dear close friend. It is educational and entertaining and most of all, inspiring. I am young at heart; recognize truth, which also allows me to recognize that which isn't. Viruses are in everyone's bodies and stress can cause them to "kick up." We cannot breathe anything onto another being; in order to "catch" something from someone, we have to exchange body fluids. We can wreak havoc in the world and produce a lot of fear; unfounded fear and convince weak and vulnerable others to believe things that really do not exist. Ever heard the word "pox?" That means the same as "hex." When we spread poxes/hexes, we spread fear throughout communities until most everyone believes the nonsense and reacts physically to the information that is now "downloaded" into people's minds. Unfortunately, future births will be affected by noxious invasive vaccines and other drugs, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, chemicals, and other foreign substances. The good news is that when it gets as bad as it can get, then it will start to get better. P.S. I know how to help anyone detox from all of these poisons.

In the meanwhile, we can become artists; enjoy cooking organic vegan food; talk with like minds; get lots of rest; take walks, read some good stuff; learn patience; meet new healthy hearts; and know that this is all for the eventual good. That once we get a handle on the nonsense, it will cease without return. 

Oh yeah, Motown is my fave and a really good funny, deeply intelligent and profound, or just good ole entertaining movie can feed the soul; love to read spiritual stuff, addicted to taking care of my son's incredibly delicious BullyPe four legged furry grandbaby; and when I love, it is deeply and forever! Even through wars and disagreements, I keep on lovin' and carin'!


Simple Simon! A kind, honest, gentle man. You are spiritually strong, committed, and self assured. You are VEGAN, live healthfully without smoke, alcohol, drugs, and vaccines. 

vegan organic dark chocolate
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