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Edinburgh, United-Kingdom
41 years old
Caucasian / White
Agnostic / not religious
Body type:
5' 3"  (160cm)
Leo (July 23 - Aug 23)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
I want (more) children
Income: $40,000 to $60,000
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

I'm pretty obsessed with dogs, so I feel the need to put that out there as a starting point. I've got two rescue dogs who, truth be told, are a bit unruly and don't have a great deal of self-control. They're wired to the moon and drive me nuts, but they are pretty cool and have decent chat. I'm adopting another one from a shelter in Macedonia in a few months, so I'm very excited to be adding even more chaos to my life. 

I live in the city and mainly enjoy going out for walks, coffee, dinner, and drinks with the dogs (and friends... I have human friends), having people over to my flat for all of the aforementioned activities, and generally just living a pretty nice but calm-ish existence. 

I'm definitely a 'people person' and love spending time with others (that I like) but I'm also an introvert, so I've always found socialising bloody exhausting. Perhaps partly due to being an only child of laid-back parents who encouraged me to do my own thing. So, I'm quite independent and happy in my own company - and very head-strong - but I like to balance this out with quality time with other people, and I always try to be considerate, understanding, and aware of other people's views, feelings, and behaviour. Sometimes to my detriment. 

Fitness activities are not my strong suit. Apparently, I've been really lazy in this respect since I was a baby. I've been trying to get into 'exercise' for 38 years, but I've never managed to stick to anything. Something else more appealing always wins. But I'm not averse to meeting someone who is the polar opposite. I think it's beneficial to be around people who challenge and motivate you, otherwise we tend to just plod along and get stuck in a stagnant routine and insular mindset. 

I've always been pretty artistic and creative. I studied History of Art (too intimidated by art school), but I work from home as a content writer and editor in an industry that has absolutely nothing to do with art or anything remotely creative. However, I do enjoy it and I get to be with the dogs all of the time, and I love being at home rather than in an office. It just makes life more relaxed and provides greater flexibility. 

I was veggie from the age of 8, then I became vegan about 10 years ago. The motivation has always been ethics, hence why I keep getting more rescue dogs. I'd like to extend this to other species, but an urban dwelling is not ideal for such purposes. Perhaps one day I'll venture outside the city limits to accommodate more animals. 


First and foremost, it would be great to meet someone whose ethics align with my own - someone who is kind, compassionate, and considerate. I think we all seek that, so I'm probably stating the obvious.

However, I'm also keen to meet someone who enjoys ridiculous conversations as well as serious ones; someone who is independent, knows what they like and want, and makes an effort (however small) to achieve those things. Personally, a romantic relationship only works if both people truly listen to, and engage in conversations with, one another - and put in the 'effort', as it were, rather than only one person carrying the burden of decision-making and responsibility. 

It is often difficult to gauge how you come across to others, especially in this type of format. For me - and probably most folks - writing about myself is uncomfortable. You do feel like you come across as a bit of an arse, no matter what you write. But hopefully I've managed to describe myself accurately. My dogs seem to like me, and they are super judgemental, so that's a win for me right there!

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