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Tampa, Florida
41 years old
Caucasian / White
Agnostic / not religious
Body type:
5' 8"  (173cm)
Not important
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
No (more) children
PhD/Post Doc
Income: $150,000 to $250,000
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

Hello, out there!

This will be long. I believe in being proactive in letting a potential date know who I am - UP FRONT!  If you do not have the interest or patience to actually read it, then we are not a good match to even start. I hope your profile is informative as well so neither of us wastes our time.

Always curious, learning, and evolving. Self-aware. Observant. Mindful. Considerate. Thoughtful. Stable. Happy. Fun-loving. Proud, but more humble. Strong, but womanly soft. Highly supportive of those doing good things.

Enjoy laughing, especially with someone I connect with. 

I can get serious and passionate about seeking truths, science, whole-person health and wellness, appropriate use of medicine as well as evidence-based CAM (it does exist!), nature, philosophy, psychology, ethics, and definitely a cruelty-free lifestyle. 

2 cats, 1 dog.  

My physique is long, lean (but not skinny nor do I want to be), athletic as slightly muscular, with some feminine curvature.

I wear size ~ 6L (5'8" - not petite!). I am proud to be healthy and fit, but also not the type to count calories or obsess over a number on the scale. Mine is about 140 lbs, plus or minus 5, but I rarely check it.  And if it increases a little bit as I age as metabolism slows, so be it.  I enjoy life and see food as vital fuel and fun nutrition/nurturing, not as an enemy.  

I am woman.  Hear me roar.   ;)

If u make me laugh, you will be my love doctor - for, laughter and sincere bear hugs really some of the best medicine!

If you like to laugh as well, please keep reading.

Life, IMO, is too precious and short to beat ourselves up over little things.  Just happy to have oxygen and the ability to breathe and explore/learn/exist another day.

I do my best to do no harm (not contributing to cruelty or death). I have had an aversion to uneccessary harm to other sentient beings since I began questioning “social norms” and the world around me - in my early teens.

I eat ~ 80-90% vegan and ~ 60% WFPB. So, I'm not 100% vegan all the time.  That's me being honest and upfront.

I do rarely consume bi-valves (mussels, oysters, clams) for the zinc, protein, etc as they do not have a brain stem, little to zero sentience. This is typically when I'm out to eat at a business function at a restaurant I would not have chose. and there aren't any other plant friendly options available on the menu.  And, yes, against my own ethics, I eat fish sometimes as I crave the nutrients.  But, I think about the animal and thank it.

I would be interested to try a 100% WFPB diet for 6 months and see how I feel.  If you love to do the food prep and eat this way, I'd love to try it with you.  

I do not (knowingly) buy animal by-products or animal tested items (leather, cosmetics, etc) that would involve harm and can be otherwise avoided.  I ask questions and check labels.

In summary:

By ethical principles, I consider myself plant-based and ethics-oriented, but not militant about it.  

But, I am not here to argue semantics and don’t want to align with an argumentative type anyway. Just sharing a bit about who I am today.

I was and continue as the only plant-based person in my large, extended family across the US; they all eat meat.  :/   I have always been the only one in my fam to refuse eating in a way that contributes to suffering or death of sentient beings.

In my home and when on my dime, however, I request they eat plant based. 

I care for those without a voice (animals) and who did not sign up for human intrusion into their natural lives. Preventing/stopping human trafficking is also a cause that I care about. 

Agnostic, but not full-atheist.  I think there is a higher power out there, but have not been convinced of what it includes beyond universal nature. Thus, I refuse to claim full belief of otherwise. I know right from wrong inherently and do not need guilt or fear to do well unto others. Doing good because I want to, not because I have to.  If there really is a loving “god” out there, I would inagine that is good enough.  

Caring (with boundaries) and nature/science are my “religion.”

Life experience has taught me so much. I took a long break from dating and decided to try it again.  Lkg 4wd to maybe finding a partner to share glorious life with. We live in a harsh world, but I would like to share a positive life and let someone special into my “circle of trust.”  (Nod to “Meet the Fockers.”)

This will not happen over night; for me, trust is earned over time and with actions and behaviors, not just words. I am particular and in no rush. Yet, finding SOS with mutual selectivity and standards - and interest in mutual commitment - would be wonderful.

It would be great to share life‘s ups, downs, and in betweens with someone again and hopefully for the long-long term.  

I prefer easy going activities - walking on the beach, stretching, swimming in the ocean, lounging, and being around relaxed people - or just one other person, or none at all!  

I'd love to find someone to tour the natural springs of Florida with.  Maybe even ride around in a nice, big RV and lay under the stars at night.  

My pets are my kids and I enjoy playing/chilling with them in the backyard and snuggling with them and reading a book or watching movies.  We could use a “plus one“ man to join us though.    :)))

And if you have pet(s), bring it on!  Kids on the other hand.... Well, I prefer be an auntie to my beloved nieces/nephews and then go back to my independent freedoms and am hoping to find someone who is also happily child-free. Not a deal-breaker, just a preference.

I am already joyful and fulfilled without needing to bring more innocent little people into this already over-populated and crazy, over-heated world.  My feeling on that.  To each their own.    

If you have kid(s) that are grown and self-sufficient, that is okay by me. Just being upfront that I don’t want kids.  If you do or are “unsure”, please move on.

I am more interested in true friendship with the hopeful direction of longterm partnership than ownership or rushing ahead into a certificate of marriage. Let’s stay with one another because we want to, not because we feel that we have to.

I know myself and what I do (and do not) want.  Do you?   If you think we may match well, please msg me.  :)




Someone who is his own man.

Someone who put time and effort into their profile here and is forthcoming and fair.

A gentleman who has a positive (yet realistic) outlook and who can LAUGH WITH ME.  And someone who can give me great BEAR HUGS!

Someone whose profile and photos are an accurate and naturally honest self-representation.

I’d like to meet a man who has a huge heart and mind to match it.

...and who can communicate and have meaningful conversation!!!  

Clarification: I am okay with friendly debate, but am not into loud arguments or dramatics.

Someone at peace and peaceful, but with assertion and backbone in the world.

Someone supportive of his partner (assuming she is doing good things). We can have each other’s backs and be one another’s confidante.

Someone who - like me - is selective and looking for a partner with depth, character, and thoughtfulness.  

Someone physically strong and emotionally stable.

Someone financially comfortable. That's important as I've worked very hard with many years of sacrifice in order to be self-made and not counting pennies anymore.  It would need to be someone whom is equally yoked or ahead. I'm not interested in carrying a man.  Been there, tried that. I have a big heart and am a nurturer, but also still the traditional female who would rather walk side by side vs. carry a man.

Someone wise and mature enough to not just rely on exterior and initial attraction.  

Someone intelligent, yet humble.  Someone who knows what they don’t know.

Someone down to Earth and looking for quality and value.

Someone who is naturally and authentically kind and enjoys giving and sharing joy. 

Naturally big/thick stature and height (taller than me) are the typical physical traits I am attracted to in men, but I keep an open eye/mind too. 




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