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Gujarat, India
37 years old
Body type:
5' 11"  (180cm)
Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
I want (more) children
Income: up to $25,000
Relocation: Unlikely
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

A WOMAN is a beautiful creation of mother nature and I bow down to her in full respect in her any form because she is divine FEMININE in her own self.

I am from Gujarat, a state of India (BHARAT), the home state of Shri KRISHNA (= The CHRIST ??? , The GOD thyself), Gandhiji (proponent of AHIMSA, non-violance) and Sardar Patel (Architect of Modern India) and also one of the cradles of Jainism and BUDDHISM, which can be considered as a HEAVEN for lacto-vegetarians because of so many varieties of lacto-vegetarian food available, that too with spicy TASTE. Last surviving large cats named Asiatic LIONS are found here only. I am born a lacto-vegetarian. For the lacto part, it should be noted that cows are treated as HER HOLYNESS in India and especially in Gujarat. I can COOK some of traditional lacto-vegetarian dishes (though not so many yet but would love to learn as many as possible) including HERBAL TEA.

I like watching MOVIES and listning to MUSIC of all languages. I like COMEDY movies especially of BILL MURRAY, Steve Martin, Leslie Nielsen, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Jim Belushi etc. I have watched many of their movies alone but am in desire to watch them with someone equally enthusiastic about them, so saving my first time watches of some of those masterpieces for her only. I am a decent singer myself being able to make any party lively by SINGING Gujarati, Hindi or English ROMANTIC songs fluently. Some of the bands I like are Westlife, Backstreetboys, Blue, Beatles and singers are Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Shakira. I know a little SANSKRIT and German, too.

I take care of my house GARDEN which is full of trees, flowering plants and climbers which happens to be near the OCEAN where I go for BIKING. I feed WHEAT biscuits daily to stray cats, dogs and COWS (each one is known by its very funny but unique name). I also feed RICE flakes to fishes, turtles and ducks in RIVER and PONDS nearby. I feed GRAIN to doves, sparrows and mynas, too. Left over grain gets taken care of by ants, squirrels, mouses and shrews. I once in a while get delight of feeding biscuits to mongooses, pigs and donkeys. I sometimes have opportunity to help horse owners in rearing their horses monetarily. I like all animals and birds except monitor lizards. I like insects also as long as they are not pests and are not so much big in size. We used to have 2 pet CATS some time ago (not pets actually but highly socialised stray cats). All of our street stray DOGS consider me as their human. I try to train them for some basic tricks but, seeing their rather wild performances, I guess I'm the one required to be trained first on how to properly train them.

I am Computer ENGINEERING Bechelor by education and PHYSICS Tutor by profession, but before that I used to work as Data Manager for a USA based charitable organization remotely. I also have a Diploma in MANAGEMENT Studies and Certificates in GERMAN and Java languages (not the Indonesian Java but computer one, albeit very much curious about Indonesian and Malay cultures as their surprisingly close smiliraties with Indian and one day might try my tongue in learning INDONASIAN or MALAYASIAN languages). I am also very impressed by TAIWAN because of their immence progress in electronics industry.

About my username TallDark&Vegsome, "Veg" is but obvious [and "some" has subtle hint to HANDSOME Wink (not that handsome but average, though I look older for my age)]. As per Indian standards I am wheatish fair but for foreign it can be considered DARK. I am slim as per foreign standards but with well built average 69 kg of fit body as per Indian. Also, as per foreign standards 5'11" is average but for India it's TALL. To see my look-alike please search images for "Rajesh Khanna Yeh Reshmi Zulfein". Thank you.

I haven't been in any relationship till now be it emotional, spiritual or physical hence here for that search. I have been SAVING myself for that special lady who would like to be MOTHER of my children (1 or more maybe ? 2, 3 who knows !) for 15 or so ALONE years made excruciatingly long due to absence of any life partner since I became an adult [yes, I am a (not so proud but a practical) VIRGIN, never even kissed anyone, not in the wake of lack of opportunities (though I hadn't many of such, nonetheless had a few of them REAL ones at times) but, was able to ABSTAIN thanks to above mentioned reason only].

I do zumba YOGA to keep myself fit both physically and mentally, because I had OCD when I was very young. I have to wear SPECTACLES due to having high negative eye sight numbers. Apart from that, I have KIDNEY STONES, so I am on a low oxalate diet. I respect all religions as they all lead to the same PATH. I think of the whole world as one big family. I am very touch SENSITIVE and like sensual stimulations including MASSAGES (though till now have given those to me myself only but eager to recieve and give them from and to my would be wife).

My HOBBIES are collecting die-cast MODELS of heavy engineering equipments and action figures of MARVEL and DC characters. I also watch historical, archeological and spiritual DOCUMENTARIES online and love to have meaningful CONVERSATIONS and read BOOKS and articles on such topics as well. I like to TRAVEL as well, and have traveled to 9 different STATES of India. And did I forget to mention that I am a super FUNNY guy with good sense of humour as per my large family and limited friends which in itself I consider as one of my hobby, to make people around me LAUGH...


She should be VEGETARIAN, of course. She should trust me as I trust her because HONESTY is the best policy. These are the only TWO qualities required to be my soulmate. Spiritual person is always hard to find, but when found should be cherished for LIFETIME and eternaly. Have fun and give FUN...

vegan organic dark chocolate
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