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Indianapolis, Indiana
26 years old
Caucasian / White
Christian / Protestant
Body type:
5' 10"  (178cm)
Not important
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
Ask me
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

I am a committed and open-minded(but biblical) philosophical christian(anabaptist) and a devoted animal valuing empathetic vegan. I try to value the dignity of all humans and animals. I take my christianity pretty seriously but I am comfortable with a wide variety of christians(I am comfortable with non-believers too but I want my wife to be christian so that we can relate to each other and share the same christian hope).

My Religion.
I am a sort of mixture of different christian influences. I am not masochistic enough to be a self-righteous condemning type but I do go to church and focus a lot on God. I am a convinced lifelong christian that values my faith and I want to learn to be more and more devoted to God. I think the influence that stands out the most(other than the Bible) is the writer/preacher George MacDonald since he has inspired me to see the zealous love and fatherliness of God and how God will not abandon anyone, nor will he accept anything less than our greatest good. I also like Peter Hiett and Greg Boyd. I think that the teachings of Jesus and the apostles are full of truth. I appreciate devoted christians of all kinds whether they are fundamentalists, liberal, protestant, catholic, etc. That does not mean that I am a relativist or anything, I just think that we have, or should have, the same goal(a world that looks more and more like "The Kingdom" of Jesus). I value my religious beliefs and strive to varying degrees to continually become a better christian(which to my mind means learning to love more, be of help to those in need). I am not an exceedingly virtuous person(but where I see pettiness in me I desire to improve/grow) and I do not demand much virtue or piety from others.

I revere Jesus and want to learn to follow him more and more until he teaches me to be the man that I am meant to be. I desire to refine my christian virtues(especially love, charity, and positive zeal). I don't care how righteous you are or have been or if you don't think that you will become very righteous and impressive. I want a wife that sincerely desires/seeks to become a better woman by following Jesus whether she is an evangelical or unconventional.

My Dreams/Goals for life.

I don't currently have very specific goals. I am not ambitious about getting rich or having a big house or anything like that. I am happy and thankful for what I already have. I don't want to give the impression that I am either a super arrogant or an especially virtuous person, but I am idealistic and the thing that I desire most for my future is to become a better follower of God and to be made into a more virtuous and charitable person. My ambition and my idea of success is continually becoming a more virtuous person(more loving, unselfish, helpful, etc). That is not a selfless goal because I believe that a virtuous life leads to more happiness. As I said, it is a goal. I am not a selfless or some heroic servant and I have no delusions that I am, but I have made some progress. My high ideals won't do me or anyone else much good if I do not act on them and work to make it more and more of a reality.

My Veganism.

I am a pretty committed vegan but I have not done any activism(other than trying to represent it well to those who ask and family). I went vegan 2-3 years ago after seeing "Earthlings". Actually, I just stopped buying animal products at first but still "scavenged" them(like if there were left-overs from a family meal) but went fully vegan shortly after. I thought that I was making some altruistic sacrifice for the sake of the animals(thinking that it might result in malnourishment), but as I learned more about nutrition and experienced the benefits myself, I am now also vegan for health and pleasure. In fact, if(hypothetically) I were to find out that veganism actually harms more animals, I would see giving up my vegan diet as a sacrifice!

I check the ingredients for stuff(not only for animal products, but bad or mysterious ingredients). I do sometimes eat stuff that has potentially but not certainly non-vegan ingredients(like "natural flavors") but only when I am desperate. I am not tempted by others to compromise. I am resistant to peer pressure in general. Nobody can live their life without injuring a single bug and we can't be completely perfect vegans but I really do value animals. I am on the fence about how much consciousness or capacity to suffer that God has given to bugs but I am also inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt since I used to feel that way about many animals that I now see as clearly living and worthy of good treatment(I don't require you to care about bugs). I should mention that I am a landscaper and I am sure that a significant amount of bugs get killed while tilling or lawn mowing but despite this, I still try not to kill bugs if it can be easily avoided(unless they seem to be pointlessly suffering like a drowning moth) at home(although spiders kill other bugs so they are kind of a grey area to me along with snakes, etc but I still don't want them to suffer and I think it is tragic that their species have become killers by since it has not always been that way and someday it will not be that way anymore according to biblical stories and prophecy). That being said, if all that seems weird to you, it isn't a dealbreaker for me(if you kill spiders or flies or mosquitoes, I am not going to be heartbroken over it). I also think it is a little silly when vegans say things like "Insects are in my circle of compassion." I guess I have some compassion or at least mercy for bugs but it seems like some are just bragging about how compassionate they are or think that they are(I don't think it is silly to have genuine compassion for them though, for those that do).


My Health Consciousness.
I am very health conscious and I would ideally like my future wife to be at least pretty concerned about her health or open to it at least(since it helps so much with not only length of life but quality of life).
I am or I can be very disciplined about hunger and my food choices(I will generally skip a meal if there is not a healthy or at least a decent option). I find it difficult not to make unhealthy food choices if I am only thinking about myself but I motivate myself effectively by thinking about my family and future wife and friends and people who may benefit from me living a longer and healthier life and resisting for the sake of others. I also have a healthy sense of self-worth, which helps. It helps if we see our lives as very precious and a blessing to others(not necessarily in an arrogant way). I like landscaping because it is very physically active work and I like exercising and running. I also like muscle building exercise like my resistance bands or leg lifts to and I do want to get more fit for health, work, and fun(It would be fun and even useful to be able to run for a mile or longer without resting!). I like to physically challenge myself in healthy ways. I don't mind if my partner is not an athletic person, but I would like her to get plenty of exercise(even if it is walks or something) for her health. On the other hand. if you are a very athletic person, I could probably learn to keep up and have fun with more intense stuff, but I am probably about average or somewhat above average fitness level at the moment.

My Politics(or Lack of Politics).

I am intently apolitical because I don't put my hopes in government. I think that honorable and charitable individuals can do a lot more good by focusing on how we can help others rather than trying to get the government to behave. I think that personal acts of charity make a much greater impact than voting and all the time spent learning about the latest political scandals or events. I used to waste a lot of time on politics until I realized that it is not the solution. I think that as more and more people are empowered and inspired, and changed by Jesus, the world will be a better place. I am not a conservative nor am I a liberal, I disagree with both because I am an actively apolitical voluntaryist. That is not to say that I am bitter or militant about this(it certainly isn't a dealbreaker if you are not a voluntaryist), but if you think that the greatest hope that we have for the world/nation is through some sort of political/legislative action and or you get your hopes caught up in a certain person being or not being elected, things probably won't work out for us. Putting our hope in the right place is important to me and I have seen how an obsession with politics can undermine a person's potential or even corrupt a person.

Music Tastes.
I haven't listened to a wide variety of artists but I like invigorating music on my walks(mostly music from video games that I used Nobuo Uematsu to play). I like a lot of video game music even though I don't play video games anymore. Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite composer and he makes all sorts of music that I really like in different styles. I like just about all the music in the Distant World's albums(you can listen for free online). I also like a lot of 80s music(but I like the hymns and video game music like Nobuo Uematsu's more) which is probably because my dad has listened to it so much. lol It is hard to pick favorites, especially since it depends on my mood or whether I want to relax or run. My favorite hymn is "Every Eye Shall See Him" By Randy Walterman(there are different hymns by that same name but I can't link the video)

Search "every eye shall see him Randy Walterman" if you are interested.




I already mentioned some traits of who I am seeking in my description.
I don't care what religion you are if you want to be just friends(in fact, it may be interesting and I have respect for devout people of other religions or kind-hearted people in general) or if you want someone to do stuff with. I want to marry a christian woman, I don't care if you don't think that you are a very good follower of Jesus, so long as you are willing to grow like I am. Christianity is a large enough part of my life that it would be awkward if she wasn't and I want a wife that shares the optimistic hope for the world that I have in Jesus.

I am not looking for a woman with a particular appearance, I am pretty indiscriminate in this way. I think beauty is a blessing and nobody designed by God is left out. I imagine that when we are perfected, God will have given us enlightened perspectives that appreciate all his good and beautiful designs. I try to embrace God's aesthetic(I mean how God  apparently designed me), except where it is impractical or a grey area(like I don't know if long nails are more or less natural but they are impractical for me either way and the same goes for growing my hair very long(I would think it is natural but Paul confusingly seems to say that it is not for men, but it could be talking about a bad motive and the only reason that I cut it is convenience). I try to keep my self very clean(I take thorough showers and wash my hands thoroughly with soap) even if people presume that I am a dirty person because of my unkempt/natural appearance. I don't shave or trim my facial hair, but that doesn't mean that I am an unclean person. My beard gets a thorough shampooing and scrubbing! lol I don't require a woman who agrees with all of this, but that is the reason behind my unkempt appearance, not laziness.



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