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Paraíso-Ecuador, other
68 years old
Hispanic / Latino
7th Day Adventist
Body type:
4' 11"  (150cm)
Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
No (more) children
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

LIFE IS NOT WHAT WE PLAN, IS WHAT Hapen LET’S HAVE OUR EYES, EARS, EMOTIONS AND HEART OPEN ... hope we won’t have to lamented later of any bad decisions, when it will be to late, I LIKE TO HELP PEOPLE, I know better blessings I have received from it , what abouth you?. Are you of a tender heart.

Jesus our Lord and Savior have given me many good blessings and changes in my life, in all the aspects! He is my leader! I appreciate honesty, responsibility, respect, kindness, truthfulness and sincerity Most of all loyalty to God's principles in all the aspects and a truly surrender to God's Will. This is very important, more than the external.
Good solid Christians committed to the Lord, in His knowledge, understanding, and a real born again Christian will be a real blessing 

I like to help people and love doing this, specially when I teach healthful cooking and I see their faces, with a surprise look! because they did not expect to taste good!!.
Country life and nature is something I really enjoy, I like always when I'm spending time with the word of God and nature. Walks, hikes, and all related with it.
I'm Healthy and easy going, as well as active. Medium frame build, small petite, olive skin, light brown eyes, dark brown hair

Since I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior everything have change for me. HE IS WONDER FULL! I see many miracles always.
 I took Public Health. Well I share in seminars: simple home remedies, nutrition, principles of healthful living, vegan cooking classes, etc. I do this all over
Now I WANT TO FIND my soul mate if GOD SO desire AND BE HIS HELP MATE 

My favorite Bible passage and why:
There are so many.
I hope and pray I will always be ready to say "Here I'm send me".... I have to be very careful to let Him lead. 2 Corinthians 4:1-18. He is my all.
One favorite text I share always is 3 JOHN 2. He cares for the complete human being. Physical, mental, social, intellectual, and most of all spiritual.
For you
Numbers 6:24-26 

I grew up in Ecuador, Hispanic / Latin, Speak English, Spanish, I am also an American citizen
I have dual citizenship 
I have travel around the world most of the south east Asia countries 
Central and South America and most of the USA


A real man who will love and respect GOD and ME (his woman) for who I am, with whom I will feel protected physically and emotionally, most of all the spiritual leader of the famil, he will be my hero, who will fulfill me in every aspect of the relationship, since I want to do the same. 
He will take the initiative and lead me as much as possible, I want to respect you, and I will love lo fall in love with you and viceversa, what you say, ready???
You commit to the relationship fully.
You step up and make the tough decisions and takes responsibility for your actions and decisions.
speak your mind’s aways.
You are not afraid or timid to say what’s on your mind. You will say no without fear whenever doesn’t agree with something. You will debate me on topics you are not comfortable
You stand up for the relationship.
I mean a real man who pursues other passion(s) that don’t involve me your partner.
You have enough going on in your life to keep yourself busy. That means you are at least, passionate about one other thing besides the relationship. The relationship does not define you. You will give me my space and I must give you yours. You are a confident, responsible, ambitious go-getter. You are a real man!
I say this are some does not have to be all, I hope they will

I real and positive relationship  that has no baggage or bitterness from the past, base on trust, sharing, confidence, respect, responsibility, joy, understanding, forgiveness a real communication in a daily basics, also base in a deep friendship been understanding, been merciful with one and other, an most of all full of real LOVE ??, not only Passion, one with tenderness, kindness, as we look to the eyes of the other feeling that connection that click and knowing that we belong.

Where is love true real one that cares and have concern for the other, and is even willing to do whatever for the partner everything else falls into place.
NO BAD TEMPER, neither DRAMA PLEASE, insults or manipulation, that roten the relationship and health




vegan organic dark chocolate
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