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Hawthorne, Florida
52 years old
Caucasian / White
Agnostic / not religious
Body type:
5' 11"  (180cm)
Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Sometimes home
Want Kids:
I want (more) children
Ask me
Income: live off the land
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

Howdy! :) My name is Jay. I'm a little over 5'11" (182cm) with brown hair, blue-grey eyes, an easy smile, a soft heart, a hard body, and a passion for freedom and the natural world (and our return to that garden paradise with others who are equally awake, inspired, and determined to "love with their whole hearts or die trying").

My degree and "formal education" (in economics) I now count as nothing. I have a big, newly realized passion for building and creating a community of truly free people. I mean free, like the trees, birds, and all other living things. Free as in not desiring connection with our dying "civilization". Is it civilized, 200+ years of persecution of the first settlers of North America?... Is the endless breaking of treaties not barbaric? How about the stealing of lands? Murder?...

I'm keen on doing better. I'd like to connect with someone else who's confident we can.  I am a vegan-ish vegetarian leaning towards raw veganish, but I don't much like labels or to "identify" as "something". I don't fit well into boxes, but the Matrix always seem to like to put people in them.  Wanna break some with me?.... I occasionally eat honey and bee pollen (see, there's a broken box right there!). In fact, I LOVE them both. I occasionally also eat raw cheese (maybe twice a year). I think veganism has gone off the deep end, taken a good concept and blown it out of proportion... we are all part of the cycle of life on Earth. Vegan philosophies, for me, are less about health and more being trendy... it's like austerity measures applied to diet. As for me,

I want to integrate more and more completely with the wisdom of Mother Nature and all of her members... I find her mezmerizing! She is the consumate engineer, the consumate artist... she is pure beauty, truth, love. Exactly the things I aspire to be!:)  You too?

I have learned to slow down and think about my actions.  I am looking for someone with similar depth and who's thought about the meaning behind the things they do. I AM ALSO SEARCHING FOR LIKEMINDED PEOPLE TO GROW A COMMUNITY BASED ON CRUELTY-FREE LIVING, A DEEP CONNECTION WITH NATURE AND NON-TRADITIONAL OR NEW CULTURE! My sexual orientation doesn't fit well in a box either (sigh!)... I got rid of my mask, my ego, and stopped pretending to be satisfied with a "plain vanilla" kind of relationship.  A 50% success rate for marriage doesn't suggest it is the right answer for a lot of people, does it?  And how many of those marriages that don't end in divorce are really "happy"?  I think many people are lying to themselves, and they identify so strongly with the socially acceptable ego-mask they are masquerading in, that they don't really know who they are or what they want!  That was me once, but I no longer care about social norms more than what I feel in my own heart. 

I value honesty and commitment. I think love is bigger, more beautiful, more gentle, more wild, more honesty, more fascinating than people (most people) plugged into the system can handle. And sex for me is the zenith of spiritual experiences. I love diversity and the uniqueness of the individuals I have met who have had the courage to take off their masks and live free ('cause the truth does set you free!). If this resonates with you, get in touch!  Let's have fun walking the path less traveled and disappear into the wild world of the living together!

How do you feel about traditional social norms (does a life of compliance appeal to you)?


To continue... I am pro-wealth and anti-money. ...I am for the living world of nature (the real world) and opposed to the fictional, matrix-like paradigm that most people call "reality". I am a huge proponent of getting back to the real world of nature and leaving "culture" and our sick, cruel, restrictive, enslaving, materialistic, zombie-gadget-toting civilization and those who love it to reap the fruit of their mindless and empty choices... transhuman, cyborg hell. I am a true Sagittarius and love learning. With Jup, Mercury, and Neptune in Scorpio (specifically in Opheucus), I am really drawn to the mystical and unseen truth behind all things. In a nutshell, I am looking for an open-minded, open and kind-hearted, patient, affectionate, fit, sexy, smart, great communicator who resonates with me! Sorry to be so long-winded in the "me" section, but I find it hard to fit myself into 500 words (damn boxes again!)... I have made my home in 7 different countries, traveled to many more, speak a few different languages, and done more living than most people dream about... and I am just getting started! :-))))) If this resonates, let's talk!

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