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Mumbai, India
33 years old
Body type:
5' 11"  (180cm)
Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 20)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
I want (more) children
Income: up to $25,000
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

I am a freelance software engineer. I have done my Masters(IT) from Germany but now back to India. I am a humble person deeply rooted in my culture and tradition and each time discover new things related to sanatan dharma or hinduism as it is popularly known. I also like to go to iskcon(hare krsna) temples and volunteer for their projects. i like to read about the epics of ramayan and mahabharata, stories from the vedic literature, srimad bhagawatam which are storehouse of wisdom, knowledge. Everything you desire for entertainment is also there like action, drama, comedy.

I have an interest in organic farming, planting trees. I literally cry sometimes seeing the deplorable condition of ecology and environment in India and sometimes wish to plant trees full time if given a chance. Deeply concerned about the environment, illiteracy, cleanliness in the country, in the future I would like to become a social entrepreneur. I am not very rich and not materialistic either. I value relationships a lot. like to explore places of natural beauty and spiritual importance. I also like to explore places of historical importance and places which have a marvelous architecture. I also work for social causes like helping the poor with health and education.

I have deep regard for our ancient vedic culture but at the same time I am very practical and modern according to todays world. As a mode of daily spiritual practise(Sadhana) I try to chant mantras especially the Hare Krsna MahaMantra. I also wish to practise Yoga and do meditation but I can't seem to find time due to sheer laziness or extremely busy schedules.

I believe the only thing that everyone craves from the bottom of their heart is to love and be loved. I am hopeless romantic and would want my partner to be the same. I think the woman whom I marry would be absolutely lucky because I am a one woman man, completely committed, loyal and trustworthy.


Looking for a partner who is humble and identifies herself with family values and cherishes these values. She should be compassionate vegetarian. She would get the utmost love and care from me, at the same time must be willing to adjust. Only thing that should matter to her is our bond which should be the most cherished thing in life for both of us. I believe that she should absolutely love physical and emotional intimacy with me. 

I am only looking for relationships that will lead to marraige and I want to get married only once no divorce. You have to be of the mindset to make it work by hook or by crook for which you have to be mentally strong and tolerance levels have to high. If you get irritated quickly or you like your life to be perfect without any difficulties then may we would not be the best match. I am looking for a lady who can cover up my shortcoming and vice versa and we enhance each others strong points.If you are a drama queen or like argue on small things then beware. I am completely and totally drama free so would like my better half to be the same. Just communicate freely and openly no inhibitions.

I want some who supports me when entire world is against me and I do the same for her. When I come to my house to her I should feel I came home, just relax. I want to feel this with my beloved. 

According to me I really do not have a good sense of humour. I prefer to kiss you for two hours straight rather than crack useless jokes. If you are the one who is searching for a genuine sense of humour then its not me. I might make a fool out of myself to make others laugh which happens regularly lol, but I am not too witty or memorize jokes. Believe me once you get to know me I am never serious most of the time and I can laugh at anything, even myself. I am never offended by jokes on me. Our chemistry should be such that we could be in each other arms or sitting besides each other for a long time and not speak even a word but understand each other perfectly.

Now for non-Indians:(ofcourse I am not biased to Indians just that it might helpful to those staying out of India)
I am looking for someone who would at some point like to move to India. So please decide about it. It will be a big move. If you like coming to India spending time here and you have a good vibe about this place, like the culture then you would be a good candidate. Living in India can be tough and adventurous. Its not for everyone. But you would have me by your side. There is lots and lots of stuff to do in India because it is still a developing country and it will take a long time to develop and we can be part of this story. Something that people will remember us for something we do that will etch our name in the hearts of the people. I would like someone who can also continue to work in India and then eventually transition full time into environment field like organic farming, cow protection, planting trees, also making a business out of it. I haven't figured that out yet but may be we could do it together. These are some blogs of women who moved to India to stay with their husbands.

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