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Carmel, New York
71 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 8"  (173cm)
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 20)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Not home
Want Kids:
Yours are fine
Income: $25,000 to $40,000
Relocation: Planning to
Relationship: Casual dates OR activity partner

My description:

Vegan since 1996, after doing my first marathon and realizing something had to change.  I switched for health reasons, and still am serious about maintaining health and mobility to the end of a long life. However, I also identified with the concern for ethical treatment of all animals and beings, as well as the health of the planet.    I enjoy gardening and landscaping to create beauty and food for people and wildlife.  I am currently selling the 3.5 acre country home that my X and I lived in for the past 19 years because the house is too large and I need to get past the memories, but I look forward to creating a similar environment elsewhere.  We had enough blueberries, mulberries, and other fruit and seed bearing plants for the birds and animals while still have some left for ourselves and friends.

My “X” and I have one son, who is married and has our 2 grandchildren (4 and 9 years old in August 2017).  They all live in central Pennsylvania  where I visit frequently.  We are all one happy family in that setting, and when I meet someone to share experiences with, she could easily fit-in too.  While I love being with our son and his family, I dislike all the fracking and nuke plants that Pennsylvania has.   Thus, I am also considering developing a modest “get-away” off the grid country cabin in north-central Massachusetts where I grew up and still have some property.

I believe that a body in motion stays in motion, and thus enjoy training and competing in triathlons.  While I try to be competitive as an “age grouper”, sometimes, being over 70, just “showing –up” gets a trophy.  I have done many half ironman length events and plan to do more occasionally, but for the most part, Sprints & Olympic distance satisfies me.    

I am concerned with all the problems that “the boomers” have created with pollution, climate change, out-of-control military industrial complex, medical, banking, insurance, prison, and national political institutions, and am interested in hearing of, and to some extent, supporting the many efforts to turn things around for the better.   I admire the people who are working relentlessly to make things better for all beings.

 I consider myself spiritual but not religious.  I enjoy just being “in nature” walking in the woods, canoeing on a stream, or cycling on a back road.  I enjoy solitude, but also consider having someone to share experiences and passion with is very important and very much desired.  


I am looking for a “kindred soul”.  Someone who shares my beliefs and values.  Someone to share my interests and activities with.  Someone who is natural, honest, candid and has a generally positive outlook on life.   Someone to share the joy of being close to nature, whether sitting, walking, running, cycling, camping, canoeing, etc.   Someone to explore with.  Someone to share concerns for the future of the planet and our children and grandchildren, Someone who might be willing to work to improve the world. Someone willing to take on life’s challenges, and work to turn things around.  Someone to share the joys and tribulations of my son and his family.  

Initially, I'm looking for meeting and enjoying some activities together in a casual relationship.  I would hope that it may become more serious when and if it is mutually desired.    

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