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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
64 years old
Body type:
5' 5"  (165cm)
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 20)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Not home
Want Kids:
No (more) children
Income: $25,000 to $40,000
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

A BuzzFeed test said that my most outstanding quality is compassion, so it must be true. Although I might have more compassion for animals than people. I’m a vegetarian who loves the spicy side.

My super power is resiliency. Fortunately, it doesn’t require a cape because those things always get in the way.

Fave motto: If you sprinkle perfume on others you’re bound to get some on yourself. 

I enjoy exploring world spiritualities, Indigenous knowledge and wisdom teachings. Just don’t ask me to meditate for more than 10 minutes. Although, I’m happy to read all about the benefits while you’re meditating.

I’m an author and educator who writes futurist fiction, non-fiction and screenplays from my home office in peri-apocalyptic Toronto. Gifted with a mixed race heritage, which is a box never provided on these sites.

I like my film and TV sci fi to be well-written or at least funny. Avid reader. Latin, pop & world beat music. 


•A solid friendship with a potential life partner before anything else. 

•To be a snowbird. Pretty much anywhere warm will do. I’d even be ok with warmish.

•Move into a building with its own swimming pool – or live by swimmable water.

•Be a better cat mom. Or make my cat a better traveler. He gets lonely when I’m away.

•Finish The Expanse books series within the year.

•Make telepathic contact with a kind and wise alien species.

•To one day hear my grown children tell me how right I am. About anything. (Guess I have a better chance of contacting aliens.)

Fave travel destinations: New Mexico, Arizona, New Zealand, day trips to a local park (hopefully with a lake good for swimming). Hawaii is on my bucket list. Nowadays I’ll take a cottage (or at least a cabin) over camping, thank you.

Former social justice activist who did a lot of work on Indigenous issues. These days my activism is mostly through writing and teaching. I’m proud to sit on the board of directors for community organizations and donate to animal sanctuaries. 2017-05-11

A blooming white lilac tree outside my window, birdsong, incense, cat love and music can make my day. I'm independent, nonjudgmental and reasonably content with my quiet life. 



Think BuzzFeed tests are fun but you’re not going to plan your life around them. Same goes for astrology, tarot, palm reading, I-Ching, Mayan horoscopes, etc. They can provide guidance and maybe even some wisdom but you don’t surrender your power to them.  Or …

Think anyone who takes BuzzFeed tests are entitled to their version of fun even if you think it would be a waste of your time.

Open to a variety of spiritual practices (not that you have to do them with me). Better yet you’re a bit psychic. Or a lot psychic. In which case you know whether we’re compatible or not so you need not read any further.

Highly value kindness, compassion and the spirit of sharing. Except please don’t eat off my plate.

Lovingly anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, not queer-phobic and anti-racist. Lovingly, I said.

Don’t despise nerds. In fact you might think Guardians of the Galaxy is hilarious. Or won’t judge me for thinking so. 

Not opposed to spending all or part of the winter in warmer climes.

Are a friendship-first kinda guy. Independent. Unafraid of the sun. Have friends of your own you can’t wait to introduce me to.

Know what BLM stands for and think they have a point. Believe climate change is NOT a hoax. Would go to a pow wow, even if it made you feel guilty.

Have an open mind about aliens. Or are one.

Did I set the bar too low?


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