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Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
53 years old
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5' 6"  (168cm)
Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
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So let's get this out of the way, I have been a Vegetarian since 1984 and went the full distance and became Vegan April 30th of this year. Who knew that would be the big drawback in the brave new world of dating?? Since this is an important aspect of my life and pretty central to my core principles tough to work around.. My passion for animal rights, to better my health, myself, and the world I live in seems like a good thing ... at least to me. After all weren’t we all taught that you should always leave the planet in a better state than when we inherited it? 

Okay if you are still reading the elephant has left the room ... Whoo!

I am separated, and I am moving forward. I am not looking for casual encounters but someone that would be a friend first. Someone that can be a partner in love, life, and happiness, will come over time. If just keep mumbling this it will come true. ;) Still, I believe in taking time to know someone and build a relationship on shared experiences, that is what matters. A friend is what I am looking for, why a woman?? I love the company of woman far more than men, and I just cannot snuggle up to one of my male friends on the love seat. Well there are a few I might be able to, but just not the same for me.

Yep, I'm a romantic and value that romance in a relationship ... so shoot me. I want to connect in simple ways like a holding hands across the table, laughing my ass off with them, yes a sense of humour is important. Mine is a bit out of left field, observational and sarcastic, so I can appreciate opinionated, twisted humour, and if I don't get it be more blunt, I don't mind. 

Recently I have been focusing on my health after the separation, I am dealing with the weight acquired after 20 years of living with a packagetarian. Going Vegan and returning to my roots of fresh vegetables and daily exercise is just the start of all the fun and adventure. So far 60 pounds in 80 days, just simple exercise and improved diet ... healthy living. Got another 60 to go, and it will take a while, as I am not a work out junkie by nature, but like to get out, shop, walk, do some photography, volunteer work ... but it would all be better if I can share bits of it with someone. 

I guess this is where I'm supposed to impress you the reader with my accomplishments in life. No skydiving naked into an active volcano for me just adventure in a small "a" way and a lot of fun, and laughter. Here's the highlights: 

- I have toured Europe, East and West, in the Early 80s in a punk band, complete with a blue 'fro
- Worked as an assignment photographer for two newspapers - was shot at several times
- Own my own record label, and recorded nine complete albums - I am a "Rock God©" 
- Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and slept with giraffes - not on the same trip, there are no giraffes on the summit, silly
- Cycled and walked across all of Europe - truth be told I lost the darn car keys

Oh and a Vegan or Vegetarian, which seems to be the sticking point – damn the elephant is back!!

So basically I'm a fun loving, funny, honest, loyal, hopeless romantic, with one bad eye, a serious phobia of dust motes, and a love of hats. I'm just looking for the same. (Please feel free to modify the last three to something appropriate for yourself such as: a Heidelberg dueling scar, a phobia of work weeks with a Monday in them and a love of Pez dispensers)

So if the term "crazy weirdo" comes to mind ... you might want to move on ;)

Oh yeah you can contact me through POF or GreenSingles ... these guys want cash just to send a message ... so sad really :(      Stevil222


What am I looking for in my friends, and potential future partner? I expect them to change and evolve, and be willing to share. All my friends are unique individuals, their own person. The only thing I expect is honesty, I give and expect complete honesty in my life, I never lie life is too short to be playing games. People have said at times I am too honest, almost brutal, but in the end friends appreciate that I won't lie. So telling me that you "need some alone time" is the equal to "Geez Stevil can you just disappear for the weekend", it's honest and I prefer it. If you ask me "does this dress make me look fat?" you will get the truth, as friends say if you don't want to hear the truth don't ask Stevil the question. Friends and eventually that magical, and elusive, partner will have to be an outspoken unique individual with their own views, and a sense of humour, and able to hold her own. 

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