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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
55 years old
Almost veg
Agnostic / not religious
Body type:
5' 10"  (178cm)
Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Sometimes home
Want Kids:
Not sure
Some college
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

I am a 47 year old multicultural male from New Orleans, Louisiana, currently residing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I am in the pre stages of converting to a raw/live food lifestyle and wish to be 100% this year. I have recently acquired an extremely strong desire to become vegan and wish to learn and soon teach others about ultra healthy living. I have become a huge fan of the now late Dr. Sebi and others like him and wish to follow thei lead. 

I stand approximately 5'11" and weigh in at approximately 197 lbs. I am an adrenaline junkie who loves racing of any kind. I am honest to a fault and I demand honesty from others. I am a former Marine and police officer therefore at times I can appear very militant in how I approach things. (My bark is worse than my bite) I don't know how this is but somehow I'm free spirited yet I require structure. I am family oriented and come from a family that marriage is forever. I wish to continue that trend. Honesty, communication, understanding and patience is key. 

I'm first for fun and am the biggest kid in the bunch but am very serious when I need to be.  

I am currently training and looking forward to one day teaching street-styled martial arts to women and children. I believe that it will assist in the development of high self esteem, confidence and physical fitness.


A beautiful soul... An open mind that is like a sponge waiting to soak up knowledge as well as sharing it. A person who is about solutions more than problems. Someone who is about the struggle and the betterment of the quality of life for all people. Someone who also strives to better themselves in every aspect of their life. More importantly someone who is honest and is not afraid of commitment.

I would like to find a woman that values a good, hard working man with strong family values. Someone with a broad mindset capable of building a nation and not just a house. 

My ideal first date would be to......hmmm? Find a nice public area to have lunch and just "give and gather" information. Express each other's thoughts and ideas about life and life experiences and how they have affected each of us in every way. Discuss our goals and be open and honest. Leave your "Representative" home and be yourself because I don't do "Fake" people that try to impress you with who they wish they were and simply do not have the mental capacity not personality to be.

vegan organic dark chocolate
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