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savannah, Georgia
69 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 8"  (173cm)
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Not home
Want Kids:
No (more) children
High school
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Yes
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

  Hi, my spiritual name Bhaskara,  my birth name is Richard.

I, am a vegitarian but I like some milk products, things such as creme cheese, yogurt, cheese sandwich with mustard & eeg free myonaes, 

  I love to cook east Indian foods,   I became  devotee of Iord Krishna at age 19,. And so I, am always in a blissfull , spiritual mood.

 I, am on SSI FOR KIDNEY FAILURE & so I have to go to dialysis three a week, I, am use to that by now, it has been 71/2 years now, anyway my sweet daughter - Valerie wants to donate one of Her kidney s as soon as I get full settled in Savannah. ?

   I will be arriving in Savannah on Sunday December 4th.  I WAS LIVING IN SOUTH FL,. BUT IN LATE MARCH  THIS YEAR I fell from my motorized bicycle and broke my right collar bone,  so I flew up here to Reno in order to get healing help from my dear 85 year old mother,. But

now it is time to head south once again,. But instead of going back to sunny  Florida, I decided tp move to beautiful Savannah, ga.

  I had traveled to Savannah many years ago and I thought that one day I would love to live there someday,  and so that day has arrived. 

  In Savannah I will be able to finally get a kidney transplant in the University Hospital there., 

And also, I will be able to sell a lot of my painted glass art to tourist that come to Savannah. 

  I did very well with selling my painted wine glasses I sold an average of about $500.00 per two day weekend, .  SO I know I will also do well on savannah's docks..

  About my personality,  I, am peacefull in my heart, have a fun sence of humor, I do not get angry very easy, fun loving, I see the spirit soul in all living things..

  I like all kinds of movies, but not horror shows at all, I enjoy reading, I really love to paint my glass art, it is fun for me and I make good money with my art..

  I was married befor and had a girl and a son, my first wife was too lazy for me, anyway I want to find a nice spiritual minded lady of whom I can share the rest of my life with,. Let's go sailing, swimming, and maybe SCUBA diving together,.  I plan on starting my own upholstery shop again, I had  a small shop in Portland, Oregon many years ago

   I really enjoy that type of self employment work,  I want get into boattop upholstery and also manufacturing children s furniture,.

  I enjoy interacting with people,. you really would not believe all of the many, many skills and trades that I have done in the past years,. I, am a builder, a home remodleing expert,  I do sheetrock,  plumbing, finish carpentry, painting, electrical, brick and stone masonry, cement flat work, etc.ect.  I was making many wood products out of a rented garage here in my apartment complex, one of my fun projects was making coat hangers with flowers and or hawian scenery painted on the back board,  but I sold all of my shop power tools I knew I could not afford to ship everything to Savannah,  oh well I can always build up another wood shop in Savannah when I start making children's furniture..

    WOW, my dear mother has been so kind to me, I have been convelesing here sense last April,  anyway I can have the metal removed from my shoulder while there in Savannah. 

  I will close for now ! Getting tired. ?


It is difficult to say what type of woman I, am seeking, I think. Important that we. Have star sighs that would be compatible,  they say that pieces or  orther sighs as well.

  I would want you as an equal partner with me, A lady who wants to enjoy itimacy with me, wants to know about Krishna As I will want to talk about my spiritual life, In fact I want to start own preaching center there in the Savannah area,  Yes I do have a lot of plans for future I will also help you to fullfill your plans as well , . Ours will never be a one sided relationship, I will always listen to what you have to say, Oh and I I almost forgot to tell you, I like to go out for dinner, to vvegitarian eateries,  and let's not forget east indian eateries. 





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