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boulder, Colorado
28 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 5"  (165cm)
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
I want (more) children
Income: tell you later
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

"Transition from in love to real love..." I have finally arrived a place that I feel more confident than ever before and feel and know deeply what I am looking for in a relationship and what kind of person makes me happy and what kind of person I can be in a relationship and not at all, and who I am in a relationship and what I am really seeking. It is pretty important to me that you know what are you seeking in a relationship, who you are in a relationship. Because, when you arrive this stage in your life or relationships, everything makes more sense than ever before, I think. I call this "transition from in love to real love". And, at this stage, the love is more beautiful than ever before! No confusion anymore! And only joy, happiness, courage, understanding, harmony rise in the relationship. 

In this stage I have arrived, I am looking for someone that deeply touches my heart and someone that I can share the life, find the joy, balance, harmony and make each other's life better and happier than before.

I am looking for someone that he is not afraid to show the love he feels. He opens his heart deeply to me. He appreciates the feminine energy and cherishes it. He is patience, compassionate, easy going and has a warm, humble, romantic and kind heart. Romance is the key in the relationship to me. And, touching and the way how we communicate. 

I am looking for a spiritual relationship that we are not afraid to talk our vulnerabilities, fears, secrets, mistakes, thoughts, whatever it feels OK at that moment. I am not afraid to show my feelings, to express myself and ask deep questions. It creates understanding, compassion, love, and most important is trust. And, trusting each other starts with a communication and sharing for me. 

A clear communication is pretty important and also I am looking for a relationship that when we look each other's eyes, we know everything without talking too. We sit and just enjoy the silence. It is a very deep stage in a relationship I am seeking and I know that it is pretty possible with me in a committed and conscious relationship. 


Describe the ideal relationship:
I am seeking a conscious and spiritual relationship that we deeply know who we are, and who are not. We know why we came to this world - to share, to love. We know where we belong. We know we are home. We are smiling at each other, but not because we know why we are smiling, but because, you know I am happy, and I know you are happy, and that's enough to make us happy. 

We are not afraid to show our vulnerabilities to each other at all. We know that love is not a really love until it's vulnerable. Vulnerability opens the door to the deeper connection to one another. This where you can taste the flavor of the real relationship. This is where we can find each other and be happy without giving up on each other.

Everything is so fleeting. So precious. So absolutely vulnerable. And, I love every piece of vulnerability. It's so raw, so real, so beautiful, so unique. 

We never judge each other. We know nobody is perfect. We accept each other in every way but we help things that we can change in a better way. We improve each other. We make each other better person. We nurture each other and every being around us. 

We listen each other and make sure that we understand each other and don't leave the table until we are really OK. We make our relationship priority. We don't run from each other. We fight for each other in a good way and but we don't fight on things that we don't have. We know that we have everything at that moment. We don't need anything else. We are happy and we are peace. We heal each other. We make things better together. We know we are also brother and sister beyond everything. And, sometimes there is no gender between us. We know that we both are human and we both need compassion and love. Not matter which gender we have, which language we talk, which country we born. We know that the feelings are the same. We know we are the same in a spiritual soul level. 

We always help each other and lift up each other. And, not only between us and we also look every people in this way: How can we help it? How can we help each other? How can make things better?

We know that life is too short and we don't know how much time we left. And, we are not afraid to say how much we love each other. We are not afraid of anything. We are safe together. We are home. We are awake. We are stronger together. 

That's the deep stage I am seeking in a relationship: a conscious LOVE.

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