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New york, New York
47 years old
Caucasian / White
Almost veg
Body type:
Tell you later
5' 3"  (160cm)
Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
I want (more) children
Income: $100,000 to $150,000
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

Was a vegetarian for over 20 years. Been thinking about going back and saw this and it Seemed like one of those synchronicity things.

My favorite  thing is people who make me laugh!

my friends think I am very funny  it is hard for me to be around people that are serious all the time  

I loVe helping people, but have also recognized when someone is not able to receive and don't believe in changing people.  I believe in supporting them to bring about changes they want to make  

i have been asked to be married twice. i was very wrapped up in my career for many years and it was just not meant to be. I liked my freedom loved my career  and maybe had fears  

I have very strong environmental views and opinions as I became very sick from chemicals that almost killed me about 6 years ago  

I am now at the last part of recovering doing physical therapy and getting back to hopefully all the activities I used to do  

i can tell you that I made a lot of money for many years and loved what I did,but I have also had to live with nothing

that was the real test  and to know you can go through things and lose everything you thought you put your heart and soul into and think it's the end 

Then realize that the only real thing is you  and that is what you carry on throughout lifetimes  your soul your spirit not your things  of course I still like things but the value I put upon them is much different now

yes having a lot of money was easier  and yes being so healthy I never even had strep throat in my life etc was easier  

but the real strength I have now is from learning the value of who I am at the core with nothing. and somehow as dark as it was getting sick and losing everything I now know strength I never knew I had.

 all the money and things were nice but they did not create an inner feeling of peace.  Going through it with eyes open did give me although painful peace.Although still a work in progress  which I believe everything is  whether it is work or a relationship  its always changing and for me only a guy who understands this and is willing  to grow and adapt is imperative change is the only constant  learning to navigate that with yourself and then in a relationship is what I feel is needed for any long term relationship or marriage 

to be on a journey with someone is not always easy but I believe it is the only way to have a true lasting relationship to continue to grow together and at times it is ones persons growth then the others but a team  No one way street that is not a relationship to me  I have much more spiritual ideas of relationship than of what a  traditional relationship is  

I don't like to be restricted  and I don't like to restrict others  

i like time alone  I am a designer  I need time alone  I am not a jealous person and encourage all to have their own time. I also love spending time with my friends

I love nature and I need to be around green grass or trees

that can be hard in nyc

I have been lucky that I have travelled a lot in my life sine I was young

I like picnics and I love children and animals  

i like movies and I used to like bowling might try again

i usEd to play tennis competitively  definitely need to brush up to play now

i also until I was sick did Pilates everyday  I am just looking forward to going back to physical activities I used to do

i biked when I liv d in Boston for school and it was crazy with all the drivers there 

but I don't really want to bike in a city  too stressful  


i love hiking and used to do at least once a year a trip for hiking at a vegetarian place out west. Have not been able to do this for a long time from being sick but plan that this year I am going to do it again


Knowing yourself well is I believe best for any relationship  and also owning your stuff  both people friends or lovers or husbands and wives.DENIAL is the one  thing  that will drive me crazy! It to me means not looking at what's real and if you cannot look at yourself to see what's real then who are you?

only honesty for Me  sometimes it might be harder but it is based in truth and that is what I seek

I try to just accept and not judge  the world is full of  harsh judgement all day long. I believe the saying until you walk in another's shoes u don't know  

(but yes I still get angry at the person talking throughout the movie when u are trying to watch) I am not perfect!

i also strongly believe in energy  

I can feel it always  I feel what people and animals are feeling  I have had this since i was very little 

BUt again i have had to learn to only take in what I resonate with  Which can be difficult  

Will Write more later  

oh and I love my dog and and u don't have to love my dog but u better like him!! 






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