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Sarasota, Florida
50 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 5"  (165cm)
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
At home
Want Kids:
Probably not
Some college
Income: $60,000 to $80,000
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description:

I'm looking for true love. I mean really being IN love with that really truly, special guy, and that guy being really truly, IN love with me. Truly giving yourself and being vulnerable. Letting the walls down and giving 100%. I'm a very caring person and love to show it. I love affection and it's a must need in relationship for me.  I'm very affectionatec and that is my love language. I love to do things for the one that I am in love with and I do show and express my love and want the same. It's really hard to find someone who is really and truly looking for that deep, loving connection that 2 people can share. It's truly a gift once you find it and I am bound and determine to find it because it's the most wonderful and joyous feeling in the world. I'm not looking for a one night stand. I'm looking for my soulmate, my keeper forever. Love isn't controlling but sharing, caring, feeling, passion and standing by your partner and lifting them up to do their best. I am looking for the one that can give me body, heart and soul. I am the nurturing type, very affectionate, spontaneous, caring and very devoted to the one I am with. 


I love to do just about anything..even just relaxing and watching a good movie. I love someone with a sense of humor that can make me laugh and then we feed off of each others energies. I just love to laugh..makes me feel so good. I can be silly just to see you smile. 


Good communication is the key to a good relationship so please be able to talk about anything and everything. How else is a girl suppose to know what's going on! I can admit when I'm wrong and will apologize. I don't know everything and look at everything as a lesson to be learned. I'm still learning and growing every single day. 


I am pretty easy going and easy to get along with. I don't like to argue..that's wasted energy. I obviously don't want to be with someone that is lying, maniputlating and hurting people. I want a person that is loving and kind. 


I don't want a smoker..sorry guys. I am looking for someone that is fit and eats well. 


Things I am not looking for...DRAMA!! I will run like the plague is chasing after me. Oh..still don't like a can you truly have a loving, caring, and wonderful relationship when there is no trust. No abuse of any kind..that's a given if you have taken the time to read this to get to know me. Again, I am not looking for a one night stand. I am only looking for someone who really wants to be IN love and wanting to truly show it and not be so scared to open themselves up. 


Please read this...I have a 6,year old little girl. She is my world. You must love kids and treat her like you would Your own. Her father is not in her life and she wants a father figure. If you're unable to then please don't get in touch with me. I give her love and respect. need respect too. I have an awesome little girl and I plan to keep her that way. We are 2 princesses...class and charm. I'm looking for my one true prince!


Most guys my age or a little older are retired or getting ready to. I have a 6 year old and no where near retirement. So you have to understand if you're retired and looking for someone to hang out with and do retired things or go on vacation without planning...I'm not the girl. I'm looking for someone who wants me on their arm and proud of it. Shows affection at home and in public. Good with going out for the evening... Just the two if us and going out as a family with my little girl on your other arm. 


I'm spiritual in the sense we are all connected and do know harm to others. I believe in energy, respect to all, manners and just being a good person. Obviously teaching me daughter the same.


Pretty much covered that already! ??

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