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Pickering, Ontario, Canada
47 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
6' 0"  (183cm)
Leo (July 23 - Aug 23)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Not home
Want Kids:
Yours are fine
Some college
Income: undisclosed
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Activity partner

My description:

A Peaceful Warrior;   

Subjects that are important to me; Self-discovery, pursuing physical & emotional self-control, and practicing spiritual Agape (Selfless-love & caring) towards all Beings.

I've traveled a lot of the world. I love Nature. I love reading. I love sunlight, fresh air, the beach, and creating smiles in others (I'm full of silly-humour.) My work background is primarily in film-making, stunt-work & game-development - I've been a sound-designer, actor, fight-choreographer, and martial-arts instructor.

Physical, mental & spiritual health are important to Me, and hopefully also to the Woman I`d like to meet as well.  But please don't be too serious!   I`d like to hang-out with a lady who enjoys long conversations. (HUMOUR IS IMPORTANT - as I`m quite the Joker.)  If you take life too seriously then we probably won`t mesh.  I was way too serious for the first half of my life - what a waste of time!

I appreciate animals as much as any other Being of the Cosmos. We are all part of each other - therefore what we do to others, we do to ourselves. So naturally, this is why I'm Vegan, it's more than just the health-benefits for me, it's about awareness, compassion, empathy & love for other Beings.

Been Vegetarian since 1996, Vegan since 2007, with the exception of honey in my morning coffee, or my evening tea.

I know who I am inside & out. I do not require extra-attention from other girls to feel good about myself, ...Nor do I 'collect' friends to fulfill my ego. I am not the guy who has affairs on the side, ever.  I'm aroused by heartfelt emotional connection, not by mere random encounters with strangers.

I`d love to meet a woman who will bond with me on several levels. I want to be with someone who would like to evolve together & grow old together - hopefully sharing sunrises & sunsets, while laughing at this insane world.

I want to have a simple, non-materialistic life. Perhaps build an Earth-ship, or even an elaborately built Tree-house.  It would be ideal to be off the grid, return to Nature as often as possible.  I'm definitely a cottage-loving kind of guy - very Henry David Thoreau.

Many people are lacking mental balance due to a lack of simplicity in their lives.  I know that technology is addictive & can make you it's slave, if you are the kind of woman whose face is glued to a mobile/cellphone-screen every few minutes, then please don't bother messaging me. Right after typing this, I'm going out for a bike-ride. It would be really cool if you would join me.

Ideally - I seek my fellow traveler through time & space, someone to share the cosmos with, who will venture to great unknowns alongside me, seeking out the secrets of the Universe.  I believe she exists, and that she will know me when she sees me.





I bond deeply and I am very selective - therefore hold back my full passion - taking my time to know her - until ascertaining that my potential mate is worthy of my whole soul.  I'm not interested in mere base sexual function - I seek my fellow traveler through time & space, someone to share the cosmos with, who will venture to great unknowns alongside me, seeking out the secrets of the Universe.  On a physical-level, I need my mate to be able to handle my masculine energy when I fall deeply in-love. Sexually, I'm a passionately INTENSE Being - to say the least. Think: "Tantric Love".  That's Me.

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