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Atlanta, Georgia
46 years old
African Descent / Black
With dinner
Body type:
4' 11"  (150cm)
Not important
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
At home
Want Kids:
Income: tell you later
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Casual dates OR activity partner

My description:


 I am a person on a mission to discover and uncover my true self.


What I can say for sure today is that I am a vegan, curious about life, and other peoples stories, an avid reader most of the time (ive recentley discovered I love instagram), I appreciate the outdoors when it is not to cold or to hot and I like to be active so I like to move. Sometimes I walk, hike, dance, attend a yoga class or do a cardio workout. I love the indoors when I am cooking, relaxing, tinkering, or cleaning because I feel more like myself at home. I can be a home body and to much in my head if I am not careful. I like to drink red wine while making dinner and will grab a beer with my friends on the weekends. I also like plays, going to the movies, and listening to live music. I value my space which means I will appreciate and respect when my partner values his own space too. I volunteer my time with causes I believe in and want to support. because I believe that all people have a right to happiness, peace, love and joy regardless of sexual orientation, color of skin, or religion. I know as a woman I am an equal partner in the creation of the world and do not believe or support situations where women are not valued or have a strong voice. While I do not attend church or any other type of organized religious group, I am cultivating a personal relatioship with God each and every day.  I am not uptight or ridgid but I am a private person with respect to my personal relationships. 



I would love to spend time with a man who is mentally clear (working towards his goals with a plan) and emotionally stable ( is neither petty, vindictive, violent or immature) not attached to other situations, or people. I would love for him to have a strong sense of self, rooted deeply in the belief of God, Spirit, the divine, or force (what ever you call it). Basically, my partner needs to believe in a (lifeforce) bigger than himself.  I would love for him to have great energy- a people person not a people pleaser. I am seeking a man that has a great sense of humor and can laugh at himself because he is not uptight and possess self control. I would like a man who is genorous, a vegan or vegetarian, likes to be active and has a love of life. My life is beautiful, full of love, great friends and positive energy, and I am ready to share my world with a man that is ready to share his world with me too. 

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