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Minneapolis, Minnesota
58 years old
Caucasian / White
other / not disclosed
Body type:
5' 9"  (175cm)
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Sometimes home
Want Kids:
No (more) children
PhD/Post Doc
Income: over $250,000
Relocation: Possible
Relationship: Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

I'm a long time veggie, 7 yr vegan.  Please read on.  I'm not wacky or full of myself though I think the length of my profile may indicate otherwise.  I get to writing and kind of lose track.  I'm really a very good person, compassionate and interesting.  So I'm told by my parents.......haha.  Take a chance and contact me.

Looking for a woman who is fun, upbeat, open, accepting, tolerant, interesting, intellectually curious, professionally motivated or a "go-getter" type [NOT a "sit and watch the world and one's life go by" type].

I click well with professionals and prefer intellectuals. Introverted yet very social ( see the book by Susan Cain, JD - "Quiet" ). i find learning about the universe, earth, nature and all people in life exhilarating. I live on a 150 acre hobby farm west of Minneapolis. I am restoring the grasslands, wetlands and outbuildings in addition to general contracting/building my "off the grid", geothermal, architecturally-designed, modestly sized (~1600 sf, 3 bedroom) gothic revival farmhouse.  I would love to share this process and space with the right woman.

Learning new things resonates with my psyche such as pottery, chainsawing, woodworking, landscape design and horticulture, machinery, restoring homes, etc.  my newly built home will have an attached greenhouse in addition to a free standing one with a hydroponic growing system in the repurposed dairy barn.

I'm not a golfer or socialite / country clubber.  I don't have TV but enjoy movies, documentaries, news and science programs.

Typically I wear tennis shoes or work/hiking boots, scrubs at work, Carhart jeans and t-shirts at home.

I never thought divorce was in my future. But it's here after 27 years great years. It's strange but I learned late that my previous spouse always wanted the "country club husband" who works a boring ( her words ) weekday job ( so as not to develop a passion or career with risks of failure ), 8-5pm hours with weekends off. I thrive in a healthcare / science career, a profession and the making of a difference in the world.  I desire a life with risk of failures ( ripe with challenges and successes ) while highly valuing spontaneity. My honest hopes were always to grow old with this woman, my "one and only", yet only then to be finding myself a stranger to this person as the years ticked by. 

Fortunately, I chose a great profession that offers me the opportunity to help people through very difficult times in life which, having in turn, helped me focus on what's important in life (a recent realization). I work in north Minneapolis as a hospital based physician.  I'm interested in meeting like minded female friends that have a desire to view the sky and stars in amazement, eat farm fresh veggies and have as pets farm animals. I am plagued with an overwhelming and seismic desire to learn new things and contemplate great new opportunities.  I am not religious nor do I believe in "The Church". I may be spiritual though as I do wonder frequently about our souls, our existence and the universe.  I grew up on a hobby farm with chickens and rabbits while working summers on dairy farms. I became a canoe guide on Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. This all shaping my love of the natural world.

I want to meet interesting, open minded and accepting women who don't use the word God in their bio, though I respect those with faith in this part of life. My close friends include the full spectrum of the right wing religious to the left wing gay men and women. I accept all for whom they are. I try very hard not to judge others, lest I be judged.

I believe that a plant based diet is healthier and is what we, as stewards of our earth, should use for our nutrition. World hunger would be eradicated if the world's population had this approach.

I am interested in jazz and folk music, bonfires and good books. I get my exercise by logging and cutting firewood, landscaping and staying very active on the farm.  Jokingly, I consider TV to be "the devils work," along with fast food, food that comes in a bag or can and food that is found down the aisles of grocery stores ( not completely true but you get what I mean ).

You'll find me very inquisitive and interested in your life as much as mine, if not more.

Three kids - none perfect or always wonderful but part of me nonetheless and I love them immensely.

Dating is a strange word and concept. I am more interested in meeting people of like minded interests - females a bonus. I have my faults and character defects of course. I accept those and work to improve.  I've had my pain in life and accept that there will be more but that that will not stop me from enjoying what we all have.


Age ~35-55, open to learning about life's wonders.  Not a right wing religious person.

Willing to work hard to accomplish personal and relationship goals. 

I prefer fit, trim and athletic attractive women who do not smoke.

I prefer women who have successfully developed a career and are comfortable self supporting themselves and loved ones. 

Women with advanced degrees or professional degrees are something I really appreciate.  Intellectual conversation and broad conversationalists preferred.

Being vegan or a more structured vegetarian is something I've missed.  I've settled for something less in my prior relationship. It is now important for me to seek out like minded women ready to share friendship, food and our life's experiences and hopefully to develop a deep and lasting relationship.




vegan organic dark chocolate
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