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Michele, a  Vegan in Fairfield County, CT/ Fresno, CA Michele
is a 48 year old, Christian / Protestant female.
Living in Fairfield County, CT/ Fresno, CA, connecticut
Vegan diet.

  • Location: Connecticut (currently) the South and California
  • Most of my Family live in Yorkshire, England
  • Half English and half Armenian

I am a passionate and an outgoing person, a true romantic, and I live by the guidance of faith.  I love all animals/creatures and I consider myself an activist (animal and envirionmental), driven by compassion. And I partake in lending a helping hand, whenever I can. I enjoy the following: many different kinds of music, (from Chopin to New Order), attending concerts, traveling (I want to travel less though in the future.), working out, reading, watching movies/documentaries, creating interior and exterior design/architectural projects and making yummy vegan meals. I am currently a territory manager and travel for business. My educational background is in psychology and grad. business-marketing/entreprenuership. Thus, I would like to eventually have my own business in the realm of preventing animal cruelty, promoting cruelty free living/veganism and sustainability. And in trying to get the cruelty free living message out and have it embraced by a much larger population sect, I may end up opening a vegan juice/coffee bar/cafe in a few years. I love nature and would ideally like to live within an hour or so from a beach, or in a semi-country wooded residential setting (currently live in this setting) or a country environment with animals and without an over abundance of neighbors that are too close. However, I see myself content, just being with the right person, sharing the same values, striving to achieve similar, if not the same goals and having animals around, wherever that may be. 

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