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Hobart, Australia
52 years old
Caucasian / White
Body type:
5' 8"  (173cm)
Not important
Marital status:
Single (divorced)
Have Kids:
Not home
Want Kids:
No (more) children
Income: tell you later
Relocation: Yes
Relationship: Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

New here, interested to see how it turns out. I'm still tinkering with my profile so if you want a clearer notion of me please get in touch.

I run a vegan cookery school so obviously the food thing is very central to my life. Part of the business is going to involve vegan tours which mean I'm doing a lot of travelling outside of Australia for a while, particularly to USA and Italy, perhaps even beyond the beyonder. So if you feel like you're a leeeetle far away and I'm checking you out, that'll be why. I was born in and grew up in Australia although I have spent periods living in Indonesia, Italy, Germany and Scotland. I see life as an exploration of different possibilities and a striving toward self-awareness.

I'm quietish although do performance poetry when I have the chance. Also like: soccer, Gaelic football, cricket, camping, writing, gardening, riding my bicycles, sea kayaking. Why not join me and get some wind in our hair?!

I speak a few languages and would possibly like to learn some more. Suggestions welcome :-) Someone suggested 'English' recently!

I'm not a materialistic person and enjoy getting the most out of what I have. I'm very affectionate and romantic, although not in a 'flowers-and-chocolates' kind of way...I don't need cliches to make you feel special.

Although I've been around a bit I do like pottering around home: rearranging the furniture, decluttering, weeding, cleaning inside and out, tending the vegetable patch.

I am passionate about many things and spend my weekends supporting the community groups I believe in and advancing my business. And messing around in the kitchen!


Mature, sensitive lady looking to develop mutually rewarding life together. Must be supportive of my vegan career and lifestyle. I have much love to give and my partner must be open emotionally to trust and intimacy. You should be fit, healthy, fun and looking forward to getting heaps out of life with a guy who's really worth it.

As far as I can see my business is relocatable, which is not to say I'm necessarily looking to get out of here. If we like each other then things need to be worked through. A team, parternship, a dynamic equation, a delicate balance of joy and practicality.

In short, I am NOT looking for a cook, housekeeper, mother, babysitter, sock-darner and beer-fetcher. But...tender heart, dreamchaser, wild-eyed ingenue, Queen of Sleepy Mornings, brave firefly, bon vivant and soulmate, yes please :-)

I previously had a paid membership here and didn't think it was much value. So I am down to winking. If you wink back I'll get a membership so we can talk.




vegan organic dark chocolate
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