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Chattanooga, Tennessee
48 years old
Caucasian / White
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5' 6"  (168cm)
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)
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Single (divorced)
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My description:

I'm a fun, funny, perpetually curious, animal rescuer and animal rights supporter.  I have been vegetarian for about 12 years and vegan for the last 7 of those.  I have a very diverse work and academic background--with masters in psychology, economics, nursing, and public health, and a doctorate in education...with a doctorate in theology due this summer.  I'm not very religious though.  The theology doctorate was more for additional learning and personal growth--and occurred at a time when I did lean more Christian.  Currently, I'm kind of a cross between Buddhist and agnostic...with a highly spiritual side.  I will say that there seems to be truth--and BS--in many religions.  And, even if Jesus wasn't truly God, he certainly was one of the world's greatest philosophers.

I have worked as a family nurse practitioner for about the last 15 years; however, I am hoping to get into something else in the next year or two that will be more intellectually stimulating, more spiritually/personally rewarding, and more financially rewarding so that I will have more time for personal persuits and can put more money into animal rights and environmental causes.

I stay fairly fit, mainly through martial arts--primarily TaeKwonDo (Korean), Isshinryu (Okinawan), Bando (Burmese), and Gracie JiuJitsu (Brazilian).  I most regularly practice TKD and Isshinryu and compete--and usually place--in regional and national tournaments.  I also enjoy tennis and used to play competitively, but unfortunately, because of time constraints haven't had the chance to participate in several years.  I also used to play tournament chess--ranked just below expert--and I hope to return to that within the next couple of years.

I adore movies, and I also enjoy music (play a tad of classical guitar and enough piano to look/sound bad), love singing (and have hopes of being able to do so semi-professionally) (I like singing the standards (Sinatra-type stuff, as well as more classic American songs (Both Sides Now, some Beatles, etc.), and appreciate most things artistic.  I am equally at home in museums and hiking.  I am an inactive private pilot (got too busy with work and grad schools, and it's rather expensive to rent the planes), and I've also had a fair amount of experience in sail planes (gliders) and once briefly piloting a hot air balloon.  I've also skydived once.  One day, I'd enjoy learning to scuba dive and to rock/mountain climb (both free and with lines).

I'm hard to categorize since I have so many interests, but I can consistently be classified as an animal lover/supporter who will go to any lengths to protect them.  I believe that it's more important to do the moral thing than to follow the law.

I believe that it's very important to proactively protect animals and the environment and that everyone do something significant and consistent to make their corner of the world a much better place.  I also think that it's very important to always be learning, and almost my entire life has been a testament to that--through both personal and academic pursuits. 



I'm seeking a vegan/vegetarian/raw foodist (preferably someone who doesn't wear or consume any animal products, but a vegetarian (who doesn't wear/use) animal products is fine) who loves animals and personally rescues and/or donates to rescue organizations and where this is high on their priority list.  I would like someone who is fun with a good sense of humor and who is intelligent (formally or self-educated), kind, active, fit, curious, and sensual.  I want someone who is completely loyal, trustworthy, open and honest, and who is highly supportive of me in my personal and professional goals--as I'm willing to be of theirs.  I want someone who wants to continue to learn and grow as individuals and as a couple.  It's fine to have some separate interests, but I would expect to have a lot of interests in common--or else why try to be a couple.  That's a lot to ask, but I'm willing to wait for the right person.  I know that they're out there somewhere.  :-)

Oh, and though it would be nice to meet any vegan or vegetarian, I would prefer one who has been that way for several years just so that they and I know it's more than just a fad with them...and I also want someone who does so because of moral convictions (regarding animal rights) and not just because they think it's a healthy lifestyle (although, without a doubt, it obviously is).

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