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Waterflow, New Mexico
55 years old
Body type:
6' 1"  (185cm)
Not important
Marital status:
Single (widowed)
Have Kids:
Not disclosed
Want Kids:
I want (more) children
Some college
Income: live off the land
Relocation: Yes
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage

My description: Spritually minded man deeply involved in ceremonal life. I am part Lenape (Delaware) and Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and Anglo-European. Northern Traditional Pow-Wow dancer. 15 Year Sun Dancer. Attend NAC when I can. I have long hair and am very traditional in my beliefs and life-style. I am not the least bit New Age. I really want nothing to do with the attitudes of the dominate, diseased society. Am definately a stranger and sojourner in this world and look very much forward to Creator setting it right again. Would certainly be very happy to just go up into the mountains with the right companion, but I know there are others that need help first. Desirous to start a new family in keeping with our traditional ways and seeking to follow the path of Creator. I have been vegetarian for 16 years, and vegan for 11 years. I know it sounds strange for a Native American, but actually the really old stories say that in the beginning we ate only plants and sickness only came after we started eating animals so Creator gave us herbs for illnesses.

Seeking: I seek a true lady for the mother of my children that can teach them by example integrity, chastity and trustworthiness. One that is not the least bit interested in addictive substances or the ways of this world. She should be strong, yet feminine, to help in the healing of our people. You need to be comfortable as a woman and the role given by a loving Creator. He created two different genders to serve very important roles in His plan. One cannot do without the other, even though the world would have it thought differently. Creator did NOT intend there to be warfare between them, but instead intended them to work in one purpose of truth in fulfilling His overall plan. No egoes involved.

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