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centereach, New York
50 years old
Caucasian / White
other / not disclosed
Body type:
5' 10"  (178cm)
not yet answered
Marital status:
not yet answered
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
not yet answered
not yet answered
Income: not yet answered
Relocation: not yet answered
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description: I have a Ph.D. in European history. I paint and write (3 books), as well as read and watch a film once in a while. I listen to NPR (surprised?). I'm interested in a long-term relationship, but I don't mind starting out as email pen pals, or whatever. I enjoy backgammon, so added points for those who share that activity. I'd describe myself as something of a self-taught gourmet ovo-lacto vegetarian chef, except without the presentation skills. I look about ten years younger, with a full head of hair (but no chest hair, for those who must have that feeling running through their fingers). I can send a photo if we talk a bit and seem like where on the same path. I'm currently interested in alternative communities, though I'm living in a typical "middle class" neighborhood for the time being (long story).

Seeking: The most important thing is for you to know what you're about, and to be able to communicate it, but I don't have any clear idea about who the person has "to be." Getting involved with someone who is not compatible, however, makes no sense to me. I do not judge others if they are sincere and thoughtful, but honesty is very important to me. Inner well-being is very important to me also, so while I'm cognizant of the role money plays, for example, those who allow it to shape their lives would not be too comfortable with me. I will admit that I am looking for someone who is in reasonably good shape physically, though you don't need to have any interest in sports or athletic activities.

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